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   Chapter 198 Back To The Military's Residential Compound

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The call was quickly connected, and she heard John's voice. He said, "Hello, Cherry!"

"Hi, John! Why did you call me earlier?" promptly asked Cherry.

"Yes, " replied John. He continued, "I heard that you're going back to the military's residential compound to meet with Great-Grandpa."

Cherry was a little surprised, and asked, "How did you know that?"

"Great-Grandpa called me today and also asked me to come together with my family on Saturday; he said that you'll also be there with Joe." John felt somehow bitter when he mentioned Joe.

"Yes, " calmly replied Cherry. "I haven't seen Grandfather yet since I returned to the city, and I was planning on taking Joe to meet him this weekend."

John's tone was very calm, with no sort of impulsiveness in it whatsoever. He said, "Well, I'll see you on Saturday then. I also haven't seen you in quite a while either."

"Okay, " said Cherry.

After she hung up the phone, Cherry felt somehow complex in her mind. She had no feelings anymore for the person whom she had once loved with all her heart and soul, but his calmness and understanding made her feel that he had learned a lot over the years. She thought, 'Is he more open minded? Did he experience something in these past years that drove him to be like this?' She let bygones be bygones, because the past would never come back.

Cherry then dialled Jackson's number.

The call was soon connected, and Jackson anxiously answered her, "Baby, why didn't you answer my phone?"

"I was busy at work today, but I just finished, " said Cherry.

"You were busy all day? Ask Selina to give you less work." Jackson was a little worried about Cherry, because if she was too tired, then he would be sad.

"No, I'm Selina's secretary, and this is my job!" said Cherry. She asked him, "Where are you now?"

"I'm at the barracks, " said Jackson, "I told Bill to pick you up from the JS Group after work."

"Okay, I knew that you would do that, " said Cherry. She then continued to ask, "Will you be coming home tonight?"

"Yes, but I'll be late. Eat with Joe first, don't wait for me, " said Jackson.


After Cherry arrived back home she saw that Joe was watching cartoons in the living room. With a bright smile on her face, she said, "Joe, Mommy's back!"

"Oh!" said Joe in a low voice.

Cherry saw that there was definitely something wrong with his son when she heard his dull reply. She went over to him, and asked, "What's wrong? Why are you talking to Mommy like this?" She then sat next to her son, and judging from his expression, she could tell that Joe was upset about something.

Joe knew that he couldn't hide anything from his Mommy. He looked at her, and with a serious look on his face, said, "Mommy, do you think that Daddy is a good person?"

Joe's question suddenly left Cherry speechless, and she didn't know how to reply to it. Was Jackson a good person?

"Why are you asking that?" said Cherry. She wanted to know why her son asked this question.

"I heard my teacher talk with another one about

said Joe, at the same time wondering how many children would be in the military's residential compound since he would like to play with them.

Then, Jackson walked inside, looked at both of them, and asked, "Are you ready? Let's go."

"We're ready, Daddy, let's go!" said Joe as he took his father's hand and walked outside.

Jackson glanced at Cherry without saying a word.

Inside the car, Cherry was a little nervous, and looked out of the window without saying a word. Joe sat in the back seat and played games on his iPad.

Jackson glanced at Cherry and saw that she wasn't herself. He asked, "What's the matter?"

She looked at Jackson, and said, "I'm a little worried, because I'm afraid that Grandpa will ask me why I left five years ago."

Seeing the worried look on her face, Jackson drove with one hand on the steering wheel, while with the other holding Cherry's hand tightly. He comforted her, "Don't worry, I'm here; it'll all be alright."

After she felt the warmth of Jackson's palm, Cherry gradually calmed down, and thought in her mind, 'Yes, you're here, what am I afraid of? You're my husband, and you'll always protect me.'

"Okay, " nodded Cherry.

Jackson kept his eyes on the road, without looking at Cherry's face at all. He also was a little worried, because John would also come to meet Joe and Cherry. He remembered that he saw John's name in Cherry's call log, and wondered what was their current relation.

When they arrived, Jackson saw that his Grandfather and Derek waiting for them at the door.

Immediately after he saw Jackson's car, Andrew cheerfully said to Derek, "They're here!"

"Yes, " replied Derek, who was also very happy.

Jackson parked the car, and Cherry and Joe got out of it.

Cherry felt somehow sad when she saw Andrew again, and noticed that he had become older; his hair was whiter, and his skin was more wrinkly than the last time that she had seen him five years ago.

"Grandpa, " called out Cherry. She wanted to say something, but she didn't know what.

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