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   Chapter 191 I'll Protect My Mommy

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The three people then sat together at the table for dinner. Joe felt warm in his heart when he saw his cold father help him and his Mommy pick their food, and he wondered, 'Is this a father's love?'

Seeing his Mommy's happy face, Joe thought that as long as she was happy, he was happy. At the same time, he also yearned for his Daddy's love, and although Jackson was cold on the surface, Joe saw that he was very special to his Mommy, and he thought that his Daddy was also special to him.

Noticing that he was somehow absent-minded at the table, Cherry asked, "Joe, what are you thinking about?"

After he heard her question, Joe quickly lowered his head, and answered her, "Nothing..."

"Are you thinking of that girl again?" guessed Cherry.

"Mommy, you're annoying sometimes, but I want to sleep with you tonight, " said Joe with a lovely smile on his face.

When he head him, Jackson's face darkened in an instant. He slowly put down the tableware, and as he looked at Joe, he said, "You will sleep alone from now on."

"Why? I slept with my Mommy back in my Uncle's house, " said Joe. He refused to obey Jackson's command, and thought, 'Why can't I still sleep with Mommy here?'

Cherry feared that two people would quarrel and quickly grabbed Jackson's arm, suggesting him not to quarrel with the child.

As she looked at Joe, Cherry quickly said, "Okay, well, go and do your homework after dinner, and come to Mommy's room to sleep with me at night."

Jackson became anxious when he heard Cherry's words. He wanted to say something, but he saw that Cherry was still looking at him.

She said to him, "You go back to your own room; I want to sleep with my son."

Looking at Cherry, Jackson didn't have the courage to resist. The woman was like a demon, and he had already been unconsciously persuaded by her.

Joe was very satisfied with how the talk went and put down his tableware. He wiped his lips and hands with the napkin next to him on the table, and said, "Daddy, Mommy, I'm full, and now I'll go upstairs to do homework. Mommy, can you help me with the bath water and wash with me later?"

Cherry urged her son to leave, "Okay, but now go upstairs and do your homework." The little mischievous fellow was always too sticky.

After he watched

he only looked at his Mommy.

Cherry didn't know what to do either. Jackson would never accept it when other people disobeyed his orders.

Cherry thought for a while, and after she touched her son's head, she said, "Joe, go and bathe with your Daddy."

"Okay, " nodded Joe, and continued, "I'm still happy, because it's not that bad to have Daddy help me bathe!"

Looking at his son, Jackson really admired his cuteness. No matter what Joe said, he didn't feel angry at all.

Cherry was still a little worried, and said, "Take care of Joe in the bathroom. Don't let him slip on the floor, he loves to play when he sees water."

Right after they heard Cherry's words, Joe pulled Jackson's hand, and said, "Daddy, let's go now."

Jackson didn't reply to Cherry at first, but while he was walking with his son to the bathroom, he said, "Bring me some pajamas!"

When Cherry saw them entering the bathroom, she helplessly shook her head, but a happy smile also appeared on her face. She hoped that her son would have his father's love, and that Jackson would also love Joe as well.

In the bathroom, Jackson and Joe were chatting with each other in the large tub.

"Daddy, your body is awesome!" Joe looked at Jackson's abdominal muscles and envied him.

"I'm a soldier, I have to be, " indifferently said Jackson.

Joe then suddenly approached Jackson, and as he leaned against him said, "Daddy, could you teach me how to exercise in the future? I also want to become strong, so I can protect Mommy."

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