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   Chapter 186 Didn't Want To Live With You (Part One)

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Jackson seemed to see Cherry's confusion, and said, "Give Wilson his car back." He then took out a key and gave it to Bill Ma, the elder driver, and after he looked at Cherry again, continued to say, "From now on, he'll be the one who is responsible for driving you."

Seeing that Bill Ma picked up the key, Cherry hastily said, "I don't need a driver, I can drive by myself!"

Cherry's resistance aroused Jackson's anger. He then came closer to Cherry, and as he looked deep in her eyes, he said, "Cherry, there's no room for you to say 'no' to me!"

Cherry seriously looked at him, and replied, "Jackson, I can drive, I'm not disabled! Why would I need a driver?"

Seeing that Cherry still resisted him, Jackson's anger started to build up inside him little by little. He then held her chin with one hand, and said, "Do you really want to disagree with me?"

Cherry threw Jackson's hand away from her. She didn't want to disagree with him, she just wanted to defend her own freedom.

"I'm not disagreeing with you!" said Cherry.

"Well, then just obey my orders, " said Jackson, who then looked at Joe who was standing next to him.

Cherry still resisted him, and said, "Jackson, I won't..."

But before she could finish her words, Jackson ruthlessly slapped Cherry across her face. She then lost her balance and stepped back a few steps, with her face burning with a sharp pain.

"Mommy!" When he saw that Cherry was hit, Joe quickly went to her and helped her get up. Looking at her slightly red and swollen face, he felt a burst of anger raging inside him; he turned to Jackson, and said, "Why did you hit my Mommy?"

"Because she was

said, "What? Do you want to disobey my orders on my first day in the house? Do you want to drive me away?"

"No, no, " quickly answered Lily Wu, while she put Cherry's luggage inside the guest room.

A bad feeling arose in Cherry's heart when she saw Lily Wu and Bill Ma entering the guest room. Since Jackson had just hit her earlier, she already felt that she had arrived to a baleful place. Cherry felt that the house she had moved in with her son wasn't a home at all for them, but instead a gloomy, horrible, and dark prison.

In the morning, Cherry and Joe started to clean the second floor. Cherry tidied up Joe's room, and after she finished and looked at cleanliness inside, said, "Joe, you've already grown up now and you need to be independent. You can't rely so much on Mommy anymore."

Joe snuggled up in Cherry's arms, with a lovely look on his face, said, "But I can't go to sleep without Mommy!"

"Mommy will sleep with you for a few days more until you get used to it, and then Mommy will sleep in my own room, okay?" said Cherry.

Joe thought for a moment and then nodded.

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