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   Chapter 185 Why Do We Need A Driver

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Cherry's words left Wilson speechless. He knew that Cherry had always been in love with Jackson.

Cherry pretended to look tough. She glanced at Wilson, and said, "Wilson, after I leave, I hope that you can take good care of Jacob and my Mother. If you have any chance to meet a good girl whom you like, don't let the chance slip through your fingers. If you love her, please marry her."

Wilson replied by nodding his head and remaining silent.

Upstairs in their room, Jacob and Elsa were standing in front of the French windows, and as they looked out through them, they felt reluctant to let their daughter go.

"Cherry will leave us tomorrow and go and live with Jackson, " said Elsa, grieved. She thought that her house would become cold and gloomy after Cherry and Joe left.

"Well, Cherry should be living with Jackson; after all, she's the daughter-in-law of the Chu Family, and Jackson is Joe's father." said Jacob. Also feeling sad, he knew that Cherry had been forced by Jackson to come back to the Chu household. Although he had no idea about how Cherry felt about this, he vaguely felt that she had been coerced, and that she had troubles that she was reluctant to talk about with them.

"I feel bad about my beloved Grandson leaving me, " said Elsa with tears streaming down her face.

Jacob held her shoulder, and tried to comfort her, "Don't feel so sad about this. Cherry can always bring Joe here and frequently visit us."

Elsa then leaned against Jacob's chest and nodded.

After Cherry went upstairs to her room, Joe had taken his shower and had walked out of the bathroom. After he saw his mom, Joe cheerfully asked, "Mommy, can I go to bed?"

Cherry looked at Joe, sat on a chair nearby and then gave him a broad smile. She said, "Joe, come here, I have to tell you something."

Joe obediently went to his Mommy, and asked, "What's up?"

Cherry stroke her son's hair, before answering him, "Joe, are you willing to live with Jackson and his Family?"

When he heard her, Joe's cheerful face instantly changed. He became more calm and serious, and asked, "Mom, are we going back?"

Cherry nodded, and said, "Yes, tomorrow morning."

"Has dad threatened you by claiming that he will destroy Uncle's company if we disobey him?" asked Joe. Joe had a good understanding of his father's bossiness. How could Jackson let his Mom off so easily now that he had found out of his existence? He was also afraid that hi

r just outside Jackson's villa in the suburb, and Joe got out of the car and checked the surroundings. "Mommy, it's pretty nice here, " said Joe delighted.

"Joe, take your things out of the car and let's go inside, " said Cherry, while she also started to haul her luggage from the car's trunk.

Joe took his things and then diligently followed Cherry inside the villa.

After they entered the villa, Cherry noticed that Jackson wasn't there; instead, she saw a middle-aged woman standing in the living room with another elderly man sitting next to her.

Cherry was confused, and wondered, 'Who are these people?' She hadn't been informed of their presence in the villa.

Joe saw the strange expression on his mother's face, and also felt bewildered when he saw the two people.

After Cherry placed her belongings on a table, she took Joe's hand and walked with him into the living room. They then saw Jackson coming downstairs from the second floor of the house.

When the middle-aged woman and the elderly man saw Jackson on the staircase, they respectfully and amiably greeted him, "Good morning, Mr. Chu."

Jackson ignored their greeting, and instead had his gaze completely focused on Joe.

"Who're they?" asked Cherry. She wondered who and why were the two people standing in their house.

Jackson then stopped in front of Joe. After he carefully inspected him, he turned to Cherry, and answered her, "Lily's the housemaid, and Bill is the driver."

It then occurred to Cherry that Jackson had hired two servants. She knew that a housemaid was useful, but she wondered why did he had to also hire a driver?

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