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   Chapter 181 See You At The Same Place (Part Two)

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"Jackson, why don't you look deep inside yourself for your answers instead of asking them from me? Everything was your fault! Why do you need to blame others?" cried Cherry.

"It wasn't my fault, it wasn't!" yelled Jackson. He then looked into Cherry's eyes, and said, "Cherry, you chose to leave me, and you chose to keep my son away from me! You were happy, weren't you?"

Cherry's couldn't help but cry when the past five years instantly flashed in her mind. She looked at Jackson, and while she shook her head, she said, "Do you really think I was happy? When I gave birth to Joe nobody was there for me! I refused my family's help and I brought up Joe alone. Do you really think that I could have possibly been happy?"

"Then why did you leave me? Wasn't I capable of providing anything that you ever wanted?" Jackson almost shouted with his face twisted with anger. He stared at Cherry, and thought that she deserved every bit of her sufferings.

Cherry didn't lose her train of thought. She calmed herself down, and carefully said, "Jackson, you still don't understand, not even now... I wanted a family!"

After she paused for a moment, Cherry continued, "I couldn't bear a third person getting between us! I just wanted a simple life, but then, what did you do? You got tangled up with Sally, and after she killed Emily, the only friend that I ever had, and walked away unpunished...did you think that I could also afford to leave my son to you?"

Jackson's heart was punched badly by her words. He knew very well how Cherry had been when Emily had passed away.

Cherry turned her head away from him, and didn't want to look at him anymore.

After some time,

ch her family would suffer if Joe would ever be taken away from them. All of them loved him very much, and she couldn't allow Jackson to take him away from them; she had to protect her son at all costs, no matter what.

Joe had completely healed after one week, and Cherry had been looking after her son for the whole time. She hadn't gone to work anymore, and she was willing to do anything for her son.

On Monday morning, Cherry drove Joe to school, and after she saw him safely walking into the school, she drove to JS Group.

After she arrived there and sat at her desk, her phone suddenly rang.

Cherry looked at it and saw that it was Jackson! After she got herself together, she answered him.

"Hi, " answered Cherry.

"Where are you?" asked Jackson coldly.

"At the JS Group."

"Come to the hotel in half an hour; I'll see you at the same place!" briefly said Jackson.

Before Cherry could reply, he had already ended their call.

After she put down her phone, she thought, 'Are we going to talk about our son?'

After she thought it over for some time, Cherry decided that she should go.

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