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   Chapter 180 See You At The Same Place (Part One)

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Suddenly, Wilson looked at Jackson, and his eyes sparked with anger.

He then walked up to him, grabbed him by his collar and stared deep into his eyes. He said, "If you can't take care of them, then at least don't hurt them!"

Jackson looked at Wilson but didn't reply. Although he had never allowed anyone to lecture him, Wilson was Cherry's brother, and he thought that he should swallow this one for Cherry and his son, who was still in the emergency room.

Wilson stopped speaking when he saw how Jackson was looking at him, because he knew his temperament.

He let him go and then turned around and walked back to Cherry. The most important thing for him was to keep her company and support her during those awful moments.

Then, the emergency room's door finally opened and a doctor came out through it.

Cherry then rushed to the doctor, and after she grabbed his arm, she desperately asked him, "Doctor, how is my son?"

The doctor looked at Cherry and then Jackson, and nodded to greet him. He then told her, "Mrs. Cherry, your kid is fine, there's no need to be worried. He just bruised his head a little, and we have already taken care of it. You are free to go in and see him now."

After hearing what the doctor said, Cherry quickly ran inside to see Joe, and Wilson and Selina quickly followed from behind.

After that, the doctor walked up to Jackson.

"Is he really ok?" asked Jackson coldly.

The doctor nodded to him, and replied, "Mr. Jackson, your boy is fine, really, it was just a slight bruise and you don't need to worry about it. As you've requested, you kid has already been transferred to the VIP ward, but if you don't feel like keeping him here in the hos

some things to me?" asked Jackson back. He wanted to hear the truth from her.

"He's your son; our son, " said Cherry flatly. She didn't want to talk more.

Jackson continued to ask, "And?"

"No more, " answered Cherry.

"Cherry!" furiously roared Jackson. He then suddenly grabbed Cherry and pushed her against the wall. While he fiercely stared into her eyes, he shouted, "Why did you keep him hidden away from me! Why!"

"What else was I supposed to do?" Cherry wasn't afraid of Jackson not even for one second. She stared back at him, and slowly said, "Back then you cared nothing about me because of Sally! Would you have expected me to tell you that I was pregnant?"

Jackson felt like his heart was being stabbed when he heard her, but he showed no sign of that on his face.

Jackson continued to push his inquiry, "Is that why you left me?"

"No!" instantly answered Cherry. She couldn't say that it was because of her son, even if it was, because she was afraid that Jackson would then hold a grudge against Joe, or do something bad to him.

Jackson kept staring at her, indicating her to continue talking.

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