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   Chapter 178 Why Did She Run Away From You (Part Two)

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All of Joe's words apparently hurt Jackson's feelings, and his heart wrenched. What was a warm family like? He had always been alone for the past five years, and he had no idea of his son's existence, who was now standing in front of him. If he had known about this, how could he have let his wife and son stay outside for so many years? He should have imprisoned his wife and should have given his son a warm home.

Selina just watched Jackson and remained silent. She couldn't tell what Jackson was thinking about just by judging his expression. She thought that maybe he was also felt a little distressed because of what was happening.

Jackson looked at Joe, and seriously asked him, "What's your name?" He had heard already that Selina had called him Joe, but he still wanted to be sure that he heard his name right.

"My name is Joe, Joe Shen, " he said, and then added, "Please call me by my full name, because only those who have a close relationship with me can call me by my first name."

Selina thought, 'This little guy is so overbearing! His personality is exactly as his father's who is now sitting opposite to him.'

'Joe?' When Jackson heard his name, he suddenly remembered the moments he had with Cherry on the beach. At that time, Cherry had told him that if they would have a child in the future, they should call him Joe. Jackson thought to himself, 'I can't be more stupid. Why didn't I realize that the child already existed?"

"You have taken your mother's family name?" asked Jackson.

"Of course. Who else's

, "Does it matter that we look alike?"

"Does it matter?" cried Jackson even more infuriated. "I'm Cherry's husband and your father! Don't you think that it matters!"

"You're my mother's husband and my father? Then why did I only have Mommy around me ever since I was born? What about you? Where were you all these years?"

"I wasn't there because your mom ran away from me!" Jackson's face had become dark and cold, and his son's questions almost drove him mad with anger.

Joe wasn't persuaded by him at all, and instead looked straight into Jackson's eyes again, and asked, "Then why did my Mommy run away from you?"

As soon as he asked this question, Selina, who was standing next to him, was greatly shocked. She had never met a child who could think so logically and reasonably at his young age.

"You…" Jackson was then too angry to even speak a complete sentence. He raised his hand and was just about to smack Joe.

But then the elevator's bell rang, and everyone involuntarily looked to see who it was.

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