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   Chapter 175 Are You Sure (Part Two)

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At that time, Selina was about to walk out of her office with some documents in her hand. She wanted to give them to Caroline and print them to send each department a copy, but as soon as she stepped out of her office, she saw that a little boy was there looking at the surroundings. Her expression immediately changed.

'Who...Who he is!?

His appearance is the same as Jackson's when he was small. His eyes, his expression, and even his posture is the same with Jackson's, ' she thought.

Joe then saw that a woman was sitting in front of a desk, and then saw that another one was holding some documents in her hand and was looking at him very surprised. He thought that maybe it was because he was so handsome.

He walked up to Selina, and said, "Beautiful sister, I'm looking for Cherry."

Hearing Joe's words, Selina instantly snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Joe instead.

Caroline then raised her head and looked at him as well. She was also very stunned when she saw his face too, and she also couldn't understand who the little boy was and why he looked so much like Jackson.

Selina asked hm, "You, you're looking for Cherry?"

"Yes, " said Joe childishly. He then looked around the office, and asked, "One of the sisters from the first floor told me that my mommy works there, but why isn't she here now?"

Selina was completely flabbergasted; it was too unbelievable for her. She squatted down and put her hands on Joe's shoulder, leaving the documents she was holding to fall down on the ground. "Your, your mommy is Cherry?" asked Selina.

If she had guessed i

st her mind and didn't know that she was saying anymore.

"I said that your son is here, " repeated Selina again in a low voice, holding her phone with one hand and covering her mouth with the other.

"Whose son are you blabbering?" Jackson didn't understand what Selina was talking about.

"Your son, with Cherry! She never told you that you two have a son!" quickly said Selina.

Jackson immediately stood up from his seat, and the expression on his face showed that he was also flabbergasted by the sudden news. He still couldn't believe his ears, and again asked Selina, "Are you sure?"

Selina then glanced at the doorway, afraid that Joe would find her. She hastily said to Jackson over the phone, "Yes, it's true! This boy is almost a?one on one replica of you when you were small! You'll be convinced if you come here to see him!"

What Selina said made Jackson's heart skip a beat. His mind went blank almost instantly, and he couldn't find his words anymore.

After a while, Jackson said, "Look after him, I'll be there soon."


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