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   Chapter 174 Are You Sure (Part One)

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Jackson felt worried about letting Cherry go alone. He wanted to be at her side, and said, "Let me go with you."

"No, that's okay, I can go there by myself, " quickly refused Cherry. She was very anxious to see Harrison, and reuniting with him was the only thing that she had on her mind at that moment.

"I don't feel alright leaving you alone, " said Jackson.

Cherry then suddenly calmed down, and as she looked at him, said, "Jackson, believe me, I can manage everything by myself. I'm going to meet my dad, so nothing bad will happen. Just go home and wait me, I'll come later."

Jackson felt delighted when he heard Cherry. He thought, 'Did she say that she would come later home?'

His heart softened in front of Cherry. He was capable of everything for her, even to change himself for her.

"Well, okay, I'll wait for you at home, " said Jackson.

Cherry nodded and then quickly left.

At school, Joe had been waiting at the gate for Wilson to pick him up for some time already. He had finished school earlier because they had extra-curricular activities, and Joe had told Wilson to pick him up earlier in the morning because of this. Wilson had promised him that he would, but Joe had been waiting for him for an hour already and he still hadn't come for him yet.

When the old janitor saw Joe waiting there for so long, he asked concerned, "Little boy, hasn't anyone of your family come to pick you up yet?"

Joe looked at him, and politely replied, "My uncle told me that he'll come to pick me up, but he's running late."

"Would you like to call him? I can lend you my phone, " asked the old man.

"No, thanks. I'm going to look for my Mommy now."

"Be safe on the road and pay attention, " kindly said the old janitor.

especially with the look in his eyes."

"Yeah, that's why his face seemed familiar to me too. He does look like Mr Jackson."

"Yes, just look at his handsome face! It's so similar with Mr. Jackson's!"

"Why did he want to know where Cherry works? Cherry doesn't look old enough to have given birth."

"Who knows?"

Staring at the two elevators in front of him, Joe figured that the golden one could only be used by the chief executive. Joe thought about it for a moment, and believed that his mommy always took the private elevator when she went to work because she had to go up to the chief executive's office. As her son, he thought that he should also take that one.

Joe finally made up his mind and pressed the private elevator's button and walked inside it when the door opened. Then he found that it could went up to the working area on the top floor, so he didn't pressed any button to choose which floor to stop.

When the doors of the elevator opened, Joe was very surprised to see how big the working area actually was. 'Is this really the place where Mommy works all day? It's so luxurious and grand, decorated in a special way!' thought Joe.

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