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   Chapter 169 You Want To Protect Her (Part Two)

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Inside the car, Derek looked at Jackson, and said, "Are we going to meet Sally now?"

"Yes, " replied Jackson in a low voice.

"Then I don't think you need me there." Derek didn't feel like seeing Sally, because he had never cared about her. She was such a shameless woman, and if it hadn't been for Jackson, he would have never known her.

As Jackson leaned back on his seat and slightly closed his eyes, he said, "You can at least offer me some accompany."

Derek understood his feelings very well. When he saw in how bad of a state Jackson was he stopped talking.

They then drove to a villa in the city's suburbs, and when they arrived, its gates opened as soon as Jackson and Derek got out of the car. Jackson looked up towards the windows of the villa and saw Sally looking down at him with a smile on her face. Jackson then walked into the villa expressionless, with Derek following him from behind.

Sally was excited when she saw Jackson come in and ran to him. She threw herself into his arms, and eagerly said, "Jackson, you've finally come back!"

When he saw the situation in front of him, Derek, who had closely followed Jackson from behind, walked straight to the couch and then sat down on it. He casually picked up a magazine from the coffee table in front of him and pretended to read.

Jackson pulled Sally away from him and also walked to the couch and sat down.

When Sally saw Jackson's cold expression, she guessed that he might be angry at her because she had asked him to come back in three days. She passionately walked up to him again, and as she held his arm and leaned her head on his shoulder, she affectionately

ed, "Yes, Jackson. I've said something to her. So what?"

"What have you told her?" slowly asked Jackson.

"I told her how much I want her to stay away from you, and how much I wanted her to disappear from your life, " roared Sally. She was capable of doing anything to drive Cherry away from Jackson.

Jackson then stood up and unexpectedly grabbed Sally's neck. He said, "What have you fucking told her?"

When Sally met Jackson's furious eyes, tears started to quickly stream down her face. How could he treat her like that because of that woman? She had once been the only woman that he loved, and he was eager to satisfy all of her demands and desires. How come he now wanted to strangle her? How did he come to be like this?

"You know very well what you've done, " said Sally, while staring into his eyes. She continued, "I just told her the truth."

"Nobody was allowed to tell her anything without my command!" shouted Jackson. He had vowed that whoever dared to tell her these things he would send them to hell.

Sally chuckled at him, and said, "Oh, you wanted to protect her?"

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