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   Chapter 172 Everyone's Destiny (Part Two)

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After she heard her, Cherry was very disappointed, and sighed, "Oh."

She continued to ask her, "Do you know where the Shens are living now? The family who lived here before the Wangs."

The maid shook her head, and replied, "I really don't know, but I think that the owners said that they bought the house from a friend who had bought it at a low price from its original owners that had difficulties."

Cherry's hopes had been shattered completely. She couldn't find any trace of the Shen family, and thought, 'It's been so long already... How could I ever find something here?'

After Cherry said goodbye to the maid, she opened her car's door and was about to get inside it and leave, but suddenly saw a car park next to hers. Curious, she tried to see who it was.

A middle-aged woman was sitting in the car, and asked her, "Aren't you Cherry?"

After she saw her, she immediately cried, "Aunt Eva!" Cherry seemed to stumble into an old acquaintance of hers.

Eva then quickly got out of the car and Cherry happily hugged her. "Aunt Eva, do you still live here?" she asked.

"Yes, I do, " said Eva while looking at beautiful Cherry. She continued, "Cherry you're so beautiful! You haven't changed for a bit in all these years!"

Cherry smiled at her without replying.

Then, Eva suddenly asked surprised, "Why did you come here?"

Cherry looked at her, and said, "I came to look for my father."

When Cherry mentioned about Harrison, Eva's cheerful expression suddenly changed. She said, "Cherry, you know that your family was always in a cons

here, " patiently said Aunt Eva.

"Okay, thank you!"

After she said her goodbye to her Aunt Eva, Cherry got into her car. Her mind was a mess, and she couldn't hold back her tears any longer.

Suddenly, Cherry remembered that she might had indeed changed completely after Emily's death. She hadn't paid close attention to what had happened to Jean because she hadn't cared about it, but now she realized that she hadn't seen Jean since they last met at Emily's house. She wondered what had happened to her after that? Who had punished her for that?

Cherry shook her head and couldn't believe her thoughts. She couldn't think of anyone else besides Jackson. John had divorced Jean, and even if he wanted to do something to Jean, he couldn't, because it would have raised too much suspicion. The only capable one was Jackson.

Cherry bit her lower lips while she pondered so many thoughts. It seemed that her own destiny and the destinies of the Shen family members were all in Jackson's hand. Was Jackson destined to be in her world?

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