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   Chapter 168 You Want To Protect Her (Part One)

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Jackson quickly went to the bathroom to take a shower, and after he came back, he directly got into bed with Cherry.

Lying next to her, Jackson gently pulled Cherry in his arms.

At first, Cherry opposed him, but eventually gave up on her struggles after she felt Jackson's tight grip on her. She slowly opened her eyes, and as she looked at Jackson, she asked, "Where have you been?"

"We went for a ride after we played some balls, " casually said Jackson, but struggling deep inside. He didn't want to lie to her, but there was something that he just couldn't let her know about, and thought that it was better for her anyway if she didn't know about it.

Cherry didn't feel like asking him more details, so she slightly closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

When he saw that Cherry didn't ask him anymore more questions, Jackson kissed her lips. He enjoyed her taste for a long time before he finally let her go, but then gently whispered in her ear, "Baby..."

While he was talking, Jackson slid his hand underneath Cherry's pajama and started to fondle her body.

Cherry softly said, "Go to sleep now, okay? Stop that..."

But Jackson wasn't going to let her go so easily. He ripped off her nightgown, rolled himself over her and pressed his body onto hers. He kissed Cherry on her cheeks, and affectionately said, "Honey, I missed you."

Hearing Jackson's dreamy voice, Cherry lost all of her strength to resist him. She could barely move while she was pressed down under him.

The thirst for her body drove Jackson wild, and he made love to her like never before.

The air in the room soon became stuffy because of their arduous lovemaking.

In the morni

ing so bossy with her, as if no one could go against his word.

Jackson then turned to Bobby, and ordered him, "Drive her home."

"Yes, sir!" answered Bobby respectfully.

After he gave the order, Jackson whispered into Cherry's ear, "Get some rest, and wait for my call."

Hearing his soft voice, Cherry didn't know how to reply to him. He said that he would contact her later.

Cherry then took Jackson's hands off of her, and without saying a word followed Bobby to his car.

Jackson felt relieved when he watched the car drive away. He then turned around, and told Selina, "You should go home now, Derek and I have some other things to do."

Selina was slightly angry, and said, "Don't you guys think that you should go back home first?"

Jackson didn't reply, And Derek could tell that Jackson was getting very impatient. He said to Selina, "Girl, stop being so annoying! You should go now, the big boys have things to take care of!"

Selina saw that she could do nothing about her two big brothers, and helplessly said, "Fine!"

After they sent her away, Jackson and Derek hopped into a black car.

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