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   Chapter 165 Something About Him

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Jackson then suddenly sat up and said to Cherry, "Change your clothes and let's go out and have dinner."

"Okay, " replied Cherry. She nodded, and then went to change into her evening clothes.

After Cherry changed, the couple walked to the dining hall in the hotel together where they found Derek and Selina. When they saw Jackson and Cherry coming, Derek and Selina stood up from their seats and walked towards them.

Selina went straight to Cherry. She held her arm, and said, "Cherry, let's go out and have dinner in a restaurant nearby! I heard that they serve some delicious food."

"Okay, " answered Cherry with a smile on her lips.

Seeing that they got along so well with each other, Jackson and Derek just smiled and said nothing.

Derek looked at Selina, and said, "What you need to do is to take good care of your sister. If she's happy, then there's no need to be concerned about Jackson."

Hearing this, Selina looked at Jackson, and thought, 'My brother is right, Cherry is everything to him, and all the others don't matter that much.'

Selina turned to Jackson, and said, "Brother, is that right?"

Jackson said nothing and just smiled.

She understood what he meant with the smile.

Selina had already rented two cars. Jackson and Cherry took one and drove to the restaurant, while Derek and Selina drove the other, following them from behind.

They arrived at the restaurant and enjoyed the delicious food it had to offer them. Cherry was very happy, because she finally had the chance to relax.

When Selina noticed that Cherry was in a good mood, she quipped, "My dear sister-in-law, you never looked more happier!"

Selina stared at Cherry and made her immediately blush. Cherry lowered her head, and answered her, "No, you're's because the food is so delicious."

"Really?" Selina didn't believe her, and asked, "Are you sure?"

When they heard Selina's question, Jackson and Derek also became interested in Cherry's answer.

Cherry felt embarrassed when she saw the three people staring at her. She thought about it for a moment, and then answered, "I'm happy because I'm he

de?" Sally was a little surprised, and then asked, "Who are you with?"

Jackson answered without hesitation, "My wife." He was together with Cherry, and nobody could deny that.

"Cherry?" Sally's voice then changed.

"What's wrong? Is there anything important that you want to talk with me?" asked Jackson with impatience in his voice.

"Jackson, why are you out with her?" asked Sally morosely. Why could Jackson go out with Cherry but not with her? She had been at Jackson's side for more than five years, but Jackson had never went out with her, not even once.

"She's my wife, isn't it normal for us to go out together? Why do you think that you can ask me such a question?" Obviously, Jackson was angry, and he growled, "I'm asking you again: is there something important that you want to talk to me, or not? Be quick, or I'll hang up!"

"Wait a minute!" quickly said Sally, because she didn't want Jackson to hang up.

Jackson then listened to her without answering.

Sally knew that Jackson hadn't hung up. After she thought for a while, she said, "Jackson, I'll wait for you for three days. You have to come back in three days because I want to talk something urgent with you about Stephen."

When Cherry overheard Sally's words she started shaking. The unsolved doubt that she had on her mind was becoming harder and harder to bear.

Jackson obviously noticed Cherry's reaction, but said nothing.

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