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   Chapter 164 The Person He Cared About Most (Part Two)

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After they left, Derek said to Selina, "It seems that Jackson is a little upset."

"It must be because of Cherry. Don't worry about it, they can handle it by themselves, " said Selina.

"Well, then let's enjoy our vacation and leave them alone."

"Good, I can't agree with you more on this, " cheerfully replied Selina. She was very happy that her dear brother had the same ideas as she did.

Jackson took Cherry into their room, pushed her directly onto the bed, and then threw himself on her.

"Jackson, let me go!" protested Cherry.

Jackson had no intention of letting her go. He closely stared at her, and asked, "Why did you act like that on the plane?"

"It wasn't convenient for us on the plane, and what's more, there were also other people around us. How could you behave like that?" quickly said Cherry. She was very angry with him, because he didn't know how to behave himself while they were in public spaces.

"Is it convenient for us now?" continued Jackson. He had no intention of letting her go.

Cherry saw his roguish look in his eyes, and realized that it was impossible for her to reason with him.

Cherry waited for a moment and calmed herself down. She then looked at him, and said, "Jackson, we've just got off the plane. Could we rest first? We'll be staying here for several days. Why are you in such a hurry?"

After Jackson heard Cherry's words, he thought to himself, 'Her words seem to be reasonable enough. She's right, I have a lot of chances ahead, and there's no need for me to be in such of a hurry. We've been on the plane for such a long time and she surely must be tired. I have to let her rest.'

Jackson didn't let Cherry go unt

pt for her, he cared about nothing else.

When Cherry came out of the bathroom, Jackson had almost fallen asleep on the lounge chair in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. He felt very tired, both physically and mentally, because there were so many things that he needed to deal with and also so many things that involved him. He couldn't escape from any of them, and all that he could do was to face them.

Cherry approached Jackson and then closely looked at him. Jackson's slightly closed eyes and his outline were so perfect that Cherry was almost lost in his handsomeness. Resisting to his charming traits was more than a challenge to her.

All of a sudden, Jackson felt a lovely scent, and he immediately recognized that it was Cherry's. He slowly opened his eyes and saw that Cherry was standing beside him and looking at him.

"Are you done with the shower?" asked Jackson.

"Yes, are you tired?" said Cherry as she squatted beside him and took his hands into hers.

"No, I'm just a little bored. I fell asleep here while I was waiting for you, " said Jackson.

Cherry didn't say too much after that.

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