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   Chapter 162 Just Go

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All day long, Cherry was absent-minded while working. She kept thinking about what Selina had told her earlier in the morning.

It was not until she left the building of the JS Group and got in her car that she finally called Wilson.

Wilson answered almost immediately. "Hi, Cherry, " he said.

"Wilson, are you still in the company?" asked Cherry.

"Yes. What's wrong?" Wilson had no idea on why she called him.

"I'm off duty now, and I'm going to pick up Joe from school and take him out for dinner. Tell Mom and Jacob not to wait for us for dinner when you get home, " said Cherry.

Wilson was a little surprised, and asked, "What happened? Why are you eating out today?"

"Nothing, " hastily said Cherry. "I'll be away on a business trip for a few days, and I want to take Joe out to a meal and tell him about it."

Pondering for a moment, Wilson considered that he didn't have anything left to say except a simple, "Okay."

After she hung up, Cherry drove straight to the school. Joe was very pleased to see her there, and after he got in the car he said delightedly, "Mom, I didn't expect you to pick me up today! I thought Uncle was coming to pick me up."

Cherry smiled while driving, and said, "I came because I'm free today. Joe, what would you like to eat for dinner? We'll skip the family meal and eat out tonight."

Hearing the good news, Joe cried out joyfully, "Really? Can we really eat outside?"

Cherry smiled as she looked at her cute boy, and said, "Of course, I already told your Grandma and Grandpa not to wait for us for dinner because I'm taking my baby out for a feast!"

Joe then stretched his arms and made a victory sign. "I'm going to have dinner with my Mommy alone! I'm so happy! Mommy, I want spaghetti!" said Joe cheerfully.

"Okay, let's have spaghetti, " Cherry felt delighted when she saw Joe's sweet smile.

They arrived at a fancy restaurant and took their seats in a corner. Joe happily ordered with the menu in his hands while Cherry kept silent, allowing Joe to have anything that he wanted.

, go upstairs and take a shower. I'll be up later."

Joe replied obediently, "Okay, " and then turned to Wilson, and said, "See you, Uncle Wilson!"

"Goodnight, Joe! I'll drive you to school tomorrow, " said Wilson.

Wilson stared at Joe's back, and after he left he turned to Cherry. "Did he agree?" he asked.

"Yes, " nodded Cherry, "But I think that he's a little bit upset."

Cherry still felt bad about it, because how was she supposed to be happy if her son wasn't?

Wilson comforted her, "It's alright, don't worry, kids always do that. I'm actually not very busy these days, so I'll take care of him in my spare time. Everything's okay, don't worry."

"Thank you, Wilson."

Wilson smiled, and replied, "Don't mention it. Take care of yourself while you're away." Later he added, "Oh, I forgot to ask you. How long will you be gone?"

Cherry shook her head, and answered him, "No idea. Miss Selina only said that it would take a while. I don't know other details."

"When are you leaving?" Wilson asked.

"The day after tomorrow. I told her that I need to think about it today, and that I'll give her an answer tomorrow."

"Okay. Tell my Dad and your Mom about it tomorrow."

"Okay, I..." but before she could finish, her phone rang in her bag.

Cherry stopped talking and took it out to see who was calling her at this hour. It was Jackson.

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