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   Chapter 160 Consider About It (Part One)

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Walking out of the coffee house, Cherry felt that she could hardly stand up straight, so she sat down on the sidewalk's curb. Sitting alone in the darkness, she felt very vulnerable, and didn't know what to do next. She wanted to cry.

She panicked, and thought that she didn't know Jackson anymore. His character was now obscure to her, and Sally's words still echoed loud in her ears.

After a long while, Cherry started to feel cold, and then she started to shiver and wrapped her arms around her, that was when she realized that it was late.

Cherry then pulled out her phone and dialed Wilson's number.

He quickly answered, "Hi, Cherry."

"Wilson, have you gone to sleep yet?" asked Cherry hoarsely.

"No, not yet, " answered Wilson. He could tell that something was wrong with Cherry, and continued, "Are you alright? Where are you?"

Hearing Wilson's soft voice, Cherry couldn't hold back her tears any longer and burst into tears. Sobbing, she said, "Wilson, can you come to pick me up?"

"Tell me where you are, I'm coming right now!"

After about half an hour, Wilson pulled over at the sidewalk where Cherry was freezing. Seeing Cherry's thin figure alone in the darkness made his heart ache.

Wilson strode to Cherry, took off his coat, and gently put it on Cherry.

"Wilson..." Cherry immediately felt the warmth in her heart, and as she looked at Wilson and called out his name, tears started to flow down her cheeks.

Wilson wanted to know what had happened, but when he saw Cherry in such a bad state, he lost all of his words.

Wilson then crouched down and gently took Cherry in his arms. He then tenderly said, "You don't have to worry anymore, I'm here for you."


Joe asked, "Does Daddy have a complicated background?"

Cherry was flabbergasted; she had never thought that her son could guess such a thing. She then just looked at Joe, without saying anything.

Joe then fell silent for a while, and again asked, "Mommy, do you really think that Daddy can be innocent when he has so much power in this big city?"

"Joe, " murmured Cherry. Surprisingly, those facts became clear to little Joe before they even became clear to her. Cherry had always thought of Jackson as being a pure and innocent person.

"Mommy, " continued Joe, "Are you worried that we're gonna get into trouble because of Daddy's past?"

Cherry was amazed by how clever her son was, because she hadn't even thought of that herself yet. Even if it did get her into trouble, she would never complain about it or be afraid of it; the one who she was really worried about was Joe, because he was all that she had in the world, and she had to protect him.

Cherry nodded to her little son.

Suddenly, Joe looked into Cherry's eyes, and firmly said, "Mommy, I'm sure that Daddy will protect us as long as he still loves you."

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