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   Chapter 155 The Key Of The Villa (Part Two)

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Cherry felt a bit hopeless for a while. She intended to resist him, but then the elevator bell pinged, and when Cherry looked back, she found that Selina and Caroline had returned from their meeting.

Cherry immediately walked up to them and greeted Selina.

Noticing that Cherry looked peaceful, and that Jackson was comfortably sitting on the sofa, Selina suspected that Cherry must have cleared up the mess with Jackson. She didn't have to worry about them anymore; for the moment, at least.

"Well, how did your conversation go?" teased Selina.

Cherry got shy because Caroline was also standing there too, and she promptly touched Selina's arm, signalling her not to talk about the matter anymore.

However, Selina chose to ignore her, and continued, "Earlier I caught a smell of explosives, and thought that someone was going to bring the building to crumbles. Who would have thought that it would be so quiet and peaceful now?"

"Selina, these recent days were too easy for you, right?" said Jackson abruptly and in a cold tone.

Both Cherry and Caroline then turned silent all of a sudden, and just stared at Jackson.

Selina's smile faded. She lowered her head and answered, "Okay."

Afterwards, Selina looked at the time and found that it was off-duty time. She said to Caroline, who was standing beside her, "Caroline, work's over. You can leave first."

"Okay, " said Caroline. She exchanged glances with Cherry and then left the office.

Selina then instantly held Cherry's arm, and said, "Sister, would you like to have dinner with us?"

Cherry was taken aback by her request. It had never occurred to her that Selina would ask something like that, a

you Mommy, and I'm going to sleep early tonight. You can come back if you want to, but if you don't, you can always find somewhere else to sleep."

Hearing what Joe said, Cherry didn't know how to reply to him. She softly said, "Joe, make sure that you have your quilt on you when you go to sleep. Take care of yourself and don't be cold!"

"Okay, I know, Mommy."

Cherry felt more at ease after she hung up. There was nothing to be worried about, because her son was safe.

In the office room, Derek took out a key and then gave it to Jackson. He said, "Well, here you are, the key to your new villa."

Jackson didn't reply immediately. He asked, "What?"

"The key to the villa, " said Derek angrily. He wanted to squeeze him to death because of his ignorance, because it was him who had asked him to buy the villa in the first place. How could he even ask about it?

As soon as Selina heard the conversation about the villa she got curious and walked up to Jackson. With one of her arms around Jackson's shoulder, she said with a mean smirk on her face, "Hehe, you bought it for my sister-in-law, right?"

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