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   Chapter 151 Buy Her A Villa (Part One)

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Jackson gently fondled Cherry's face; he loved her so much that he wanted to hug her forever.

She was very happy to hear the news, but she knew that she couldn't let herself be infatuated by Jackson. She had to remain lucid in her thoughts, so she didn't say anything at first.

After a while, Cherry suddenly said, "I'm feeling hungry. Would you like to have dinner with me?"

How could Jackson ever refuse Cherry? The answer to this question was clear to him, and Jackson immediately replied, "Of course I'd like to! I'll make the reservation first and then we'll go downstairs to have dinner together."

Cherry nodded, and said, "Okay."

After she watched Jackson walk out of the room, Cherry fell on the sofa, bereft of all of her strength. She was afraid that Jackson might find out that she wasn't in the best of moods when he came back, so she quickly gathered up all of her courage and pretended that everything was fine.

Jackson went to the reception, asked the receptionist to book a table for him and Cherry, and then left.

On his way back upstairs he called Bobby, and ordered him, "Find out who has helped Wilson out of the crisis."

Bobby replied, "I'm already on it, Mr. Jackson!"

Jackson walked into the room and gently said to Cherry, "Let's have dinner downstairs."

Cherry then immediately stood up from the sofa and walked towards him. She said, "Alright."

Jackson took Cherry into his arms and kissed her forehead, and then went downstairs together with her.

They had dinner in the hotel's dining room, but Cherry didn't utter a word and instead just ate her food in silence. Sitting across from Cherry, Jackson saw his wife slowly eating her food and

s. Zhang also knew that Jackson didn't want to talk about business at that time. She instead looked at Cherry, and asked her, "Mrs. Cherry, can we go out for a tea sometime?"

Cherry noticed her politeness, and replied, "Of course! When I'm available, I'll invite you."

"Great! Then I'll be waiting your call, " said Mrs. Zhang. She gently smiled at Cherry, and then continued, "I'll be taking my husband to our table to also eat dinner."

Both Jackson and Cherry nodded.

Mr. Zhang also nodded back and then left with Mrs. Zhang.

After watching them leave, Jackson said, "They really don't know who they are."

Cherry knew what Jackson meant. Owners of some small companies would often ask everyone they met to help them make bigger profits, and Jackson thought that they were dreaming of partnering up with him.

Cherry sat back on her chair, and said, "Aren't there a lot of people that flatter you, Mr. Jackson? I thought you were used to that."

Jackson also sat down and looked at Cherry. He didn't answer Cherry's question, and instead said, "But your performance just now is worthy of admiring, Mrs. Chu."

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