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   Chapter 149 What Did You Come Here For (Part Two)

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"Really?" Cherry asked again, because she still couldn't believe her ears.

Selina nodded to confirm it to her again, and then said, "It doesn't mean that I don't want to help you, but I think that you should talk with Jackson about that. He'll surely help you if you ask him, and then it'll be done."

Cherry was lost in thought and didn't say anything. She still hadn't come back to earth from what she heard, that the real owner of the JS Group was actually Jackson.

Selina analyzed the situation, and said, "Actually, it's okay for the JS Group to help with your brother's company. The JS Group won't lose anything, just as you said, however, the company isn't under my signature, it's under Jackson's." Selina paused for a moment, and then continued, "So, Cherry, I think you'd better ask Jackson for help."

Cherry didn't process Selina's words, and instead asked her, "So you've been the executive on the surface, and Jackson was the one who's been conducting all the things in the dark?"

Selina thought for a while, and said, "You're almost right about that. The important decisions were all made after I've consulted with Jackson, of course, but the affairs in the company are under my charge. In a few words, I'm not a real director, but an executive director."

Cherry then suddenly fell into silence.

Selina continued, "Cherry, just go and find Jackson. He'll surely help you, don't worry about it!"

But Cherry plainly replied, "There's no need for me to do that. I'll figure it out by myself some other way."

After that, Cherry turned around and left, with her heart filled with bitterness. She wasn't afraid of meeting with Jackson, but she was afraid that he would requ

r her to go to work.

"No, " quickly said Cherry, "Don't talk to Miss Selina about it. I'll meet you after work, it's settled."

After that, she immediately hung up the phone, regardless of Jackson's answer. She knew how arbitrary Jackson was, and she was sure that if she continued to argue with him, she would have eventually surrendered to him.

Cherry took a deep breath and walked out of the staircase and headed towards the financial department again.

After she finished her work in the afternoon, Cherry hastily cleared her things and said goodbye to Caroline. She then picked up her handbag and left.

Cherry then drove her car to the Tiancheng Hotel. After she got out of the car, she immediately rushed in the hotel's lobby and knocked into a passerby who she hadn't noticed.

"Oh, sorry! Please forgive me, " apologized Cherry as she tried to steady herself on her feet.

When she looked up at him, she found that it was actually John, and instantly fell mute.

John was also astounded when he saw Cherry and felt puzzled by her presence there. He wondered, 'It's a hotel here. Why would Cherry come here?'

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