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   Chapter 144 Baby, Don't Leave Me Alone

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After a while, Cherry put on her clothes. She stepped downstairs and saw that Jackson was busy cooking in the kitchen. He was a respectable and decent gentleman in the outside world, but now he was just a man cooking for his wife.

All of a sudden, Cherry's heart was filled with love, and she walked up quietly behind him and hugged Jackson leaning against his back.

Jackson felt Cherry, and as he smiled, he softly asked, "What's up, baby? Why did you come here? Just wait for me in the dining room, I'll finish here soon."

After she heard his sweet words, Cherry really wanted to tell him that she didn't want to leave him. She knew that once she spoke these words she had to abide by them; however, she hadn't figured out how to live with him yet.

At that very moment, the doorbell suddenly rang, and Cherry was taken aback. She wondered, 'Who could it be?'

Jackson was astonished and also wondered who could be outside the door.

Cherry then left Jackson's back, and said, "I'll get it."

"Okay, " nodded Jackson, thinking that it might be Derek.

Cherry happily walked to the door and opened it.

Outside, Sally had thought that Jackson would be the one who would answer the door. When she saw it open, wearing a smile on her face, she said, "Jackson!"

But her grin immediately froze when she saw Cherry standing in front of her instead.

When Cherry saw that the person at the door was Sally, and that she was calling Jackson's name so sweetly, all the happiness in her mind quickly faded away.

"Why are you here?" asked Sally confused.

Cherry didn't fear Sally. She looked at her, and replied, "Why shouldn't I be here? Isn't this my home?"

Then they both heard Jackson's voice.

As he stepped to the door, Jackson asked, "Who's it, baby?"

When he saw Sally, his cheerful face gradually started to darken into a grim expression.

"What do you want?" he asked. Jackson was astounded. He hadn't thought that Sally would come there to look for him at this time.

Sally looked at Jackson and instantly fell in low spirits. She asked, "Why didn't you answer my phone calls?"

Her question reminded Jackson that he had indeed received a call from Sally in the morning, and Cherry also vaguely remembered that Jackson's phone had rung once while they were sleeping. Maybe i

They had lunch together. The meal that Jackson had cooked for her was very delicious, but Sally's sudden visit had put Cherry in no mood to enjoy it.

Jackson was sitting at her side, and as he watched Cherry eating the food that he had cooked for her, he felt very happy. He couldn't take his eyes off her every time when he was with her, and whenever she was at his side, he felt that he owned the whole world.

After they finished their lunch, Cherry said to Jackson, "Jackson, I've got to go now. I have something to do in the afternoon, and I'll also have to go back home in the evening."

"But didn't you say that you'll have dinner with me later in the evening? Won't you return to our home?" Jackson was upset, and couldn't understand what Cherry was talking about.

She looked at him earnestly, and said, "Remember, I just came here to see the place last night. I won't live here for long, because I have my own family now. I'm very happy when I'm with my mother."

Jackson could see Cherry's love towards her family in her eyes, but what about him? Wasn't he also part of her family?

"What about me? Do you have the heart to leave me alone here?" quickly asked Jackson.

Cherry didn't know what to say to him, but eventually replied with only a "Sorry." She then grabbed her handbag and decided to leave the apartment.

Jackson immediately dragged her by her arms and hugged her from behind. As he bent over his head over her shoulder, he begged her, "Please don't go, baby! Please don't leave me here alone again!"

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