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   Chapter 142 You've Always Been In My Heart

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After she arrived at the apartment, Cherry found a place to park her car and got out of it.

As she stood in front of the door that had used to be so familiar to her, Cherry took out a key from her handbag to open it; she had kept it for five years.

It was pitch-dark in the living room, and Cherry turned on the light habitually. A strong warm feeling suddenly came over her when she saw that everything around the house was the same as she had left it five years ago. She felt like she was back home again.

Hearing the noise in the living room, Jackson quickly got out of bed, put on a robe and went to see what was happening downstairs.

He stopped halfway on the stairs, astonished at the sight of the familiar figure in his house. Was he dreaming?

Cherry was walking around the living room, and when she was just about to step into the balcony, she saw Jackson. His vision was still foggy from the sleep, and it was obvious that he had just woken up.

Cherry turned her head to look at the watch on the wall and saw that it was eleven o'clock.

"Did I bother you?" softly asked Cherry.

After he heard her voice, Jackson began to realize that he wasn't dreaming after all. 'It's true, she came back! She actually came back!'

Jackson then went downstairs into the living room. He didn't get close to Cherry, but instead sat on the sofa, and started to ask, "Why did you..."

But Jackson didn't know what to ask her first. So he stopped before he could finish his sentence. Why did she come there? Or why did she come back? It seemed that he couldn't ask either one of them.

Cherry knew what Jackson wanted to say, and said, "I just wanted to see the apartment."

Jackson was speechless.

The living room was filled with a tense atmosphere, and Jackson lowered his head and kept being silent. Cherry also didn't know what to say to him.

After some time, she asked, "Can I go to the second floor?"

Jackson didn't answer her immediately, but after a while said, "Sure."

Cherry walked towards the staircase and then went upstairs, and Jackson followed in her wake.

Cherry looked inside the study, and saw that it was the same as it had always been. After that, she arrived at the door o

ad for a moment and then looked at Cherry's face. As he softly touched it with his fingers, he gently said, "No, I haven't told him yet. Our grandpa is not that healthy nowadays. He enjoys plenty of leisure time every day, and sometimes our butler even goes on walks with him, but because I'm so busy all the time, I can only go to visit him occasionally now."

"So why didn't you go back there this night?" asked Cherry. She stared into Jackson's eyes, and admired his long eyelashes and beautiful eyes.

He looked back at her, and said, "Because I miss you! I miss you so much, and I can always feel you here beside me."

His words warmed Cherry's heart. It had never occurred to Cherry that Jackson would live in that cold room alone rather than go back and live with Grandpa Andrew.

Cherry gradually started to loosen herself and began to slowly express her love towards Jackson.

Cherry stretched her arms out to hold Jackson in them and tightly clung herself to him. They could feel each other's body temperature through their thin robes.

"Jackson, you've never been away from my heart a single moment! You were always here with me!" said Cherry firmly.

"Baby, " softly called Jackson.

His endearment made Cherry feel very happy. She enjoyed the moments when Jackson called her "Baby" and only when she was in his arms could she truly feel secure. Feeling Jackson's breath, Cherry firmly believed that Jackson was her her only courage and strength to live.

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