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   Chapter 141 My Son, My One And Only

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Selina and Cherry drove to the cafe separately in their own cars. After they arrived, they sat across each other at a corner table.

Cherry took a sip of her coffee, and said, "Go ahead, I'm listening. What do you want to talk about?"

Selina looked at Cherry, and after she carefully weighed her words, she said, "Cherry, I'm sorry for what I've done to the Shen Group, I didn't know that Harrison was your father. I thought..."

But Cherry interrupted her before she could say a word more.

"Never mind. Leave it be, " said Cherry.

But Selina insisted on the subject and continued, "No, Cherry, please, you have to listen to me. I really had no idea that Harrison was your father. If I had, I would have tried to stop Jackson."

Selina looked as though she had misunderstood everything, and didn't know why she insisted on explaining the truth to Cherry. Maybe it was because she felt bad that Cherry flared up to her earlier in the afternoon, and wanted to straighten things up with Cherry again.

Cherry pondered for a while, and said, "Selina, I understand and I don't blame you. Jackson always gets what he wants, with or without your help."

Her words made Selina feel even worse. Cherry seemed to have forgiven her, but Selina knew that Cherry had been badly hurt by the things that they had done to her.

Selina said resignedly, "Actually, Derek told me that it was your abrupt departure and not Harrison's offence that made Jackson destroy the Shen Group."

Cherry turned her head and looked out the window, and said, "I know. He hates me."

"No, " said Selina quickly, "Jackson loves you! You have to believe him, Cherry!"

Selina tried to defend Jackson, because she was sure that he still loved Cherry.

"I can't afford his exclusive love, " replied Cherry.

When Selina looked at her gloomy expression, sadness also struck her, and tears also started to well up in her eyes.

"Why don't you want to make up with Jackson?" asked Selina, slowly starting to sob.

This took Cherry aback for a moment.

Cherry saw tears falling from Selina's eyes on her cheeks.

Cherry wanted to comfort her, but didn't know what to say to her. "Selina..."

But Selina interrupted her, and said, "Do you know that Jackson has been suffering since the first day he was born? Why do you have to punish him like this?" Selina didn't mean to blame Cherry, but wanted to speak out for Jackson.

Cherry looked surprised at Selina, but she didn't interrupt her. Instead, she listened to her.

"Jackson's parents left him when he was very young, and he had to be strong, because he was born as a soldier's son, something that Andrew had always told him. At that time, Derek and I could tell that Jackson was always very sad because neither of us had ever seen him smile, not even when we were obviously havi

at Cherry was about to do.

Cherry decided to be frank with him, and said, "I'm going to see Jackson. I have some business to deal with him."

"Why don't you settle it tomorrow? It's already pretty late, " said Wilson, concerned.

Cherry didn't answer him at first, but then added, "Wilson, please don't tell Joe that I'm going to see Jackson; I don't want him to know about it. Just tell him that I'm staying at a colleague's tonight and that I'll be back home tomorrow evening."

Cherry waited for Wilson's answer, but he was silent.

She knew that he was still on the line and listening to her. She continued, "Wilson, you know me, and that means that you also know that I stick to whatever I decide to do. No matter what will happen in the future, I know that I can't live without him."

And with that, she hung up the phone.

After a while, her phone rang again, and Cherry saw that Wilson called her back. She pulled up on the side of the road and answered it.

"Hello, " said Cherry.

"Mommy, it's Joe here!"

"Joe?" Why are you still up at this hour?" asked Cherry, surprised.

Like a spoiled child, Joe answered, "Mommy, I can't go to sleep without you!" All of a sudden, Cherry's longing for her son also flooded her heart.

Cherry composed herself and comforted him as gently as she could. "Joe, I have something to do tonight and I have to stay with my colleague. Stay with your uncle and be a good boy, okay? Mommy'll come back home early tomorrow."

"Okay, I understand. I just miss you and wanted to hear your voice, " said Joe.

Cherry faked a cheerful tone, and said, "You've heard my voice, now you have to go to bed."

"Okay, I know. Goodnight, mommy!"

After she finished talking on the phone, Cherry gripped it tightly in her hand. She thought of her one and only son, and how she would always try to keep him away out of harm's way.

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