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   Chapter 130 I Only Love Her (Part One)

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Jackson said nothing. When he heard of Cherry's answer, he became petrified, and his heart ached and eventually numbed.

When Cherry saw that Jackson didn't move anymore, she quickly pushed him away off of herself, stood up from the bed, fixed her clothes and ran from the resting room as fast as she could.

After she got out of the room, Cherry saw that Selina wasn't at her desk. She then walked towards the administrative area and couldn't find Caroline either. Cherry felt confused, and wondered whether everybody had left the top floor of the JS Group's building. Had she been left alone with Jackson there?

A week passed and Wilson's company was running smoothly. The impending Future Project had been the center of everybody's work, and all were wondering which would be the leading business of the city. Who would control the city's fate in the near future?

At noon, Cherry and Caroline were having lunch at the company's canteen. Cherry was watching the news on TV, and she saw John interviewed by a journalist speaking on behalf of the government about the Future Project.

Cherry lowered her head, and thought that Stephen, Wilson and the JS Group which she worked for, all took part in competing for the Future Project. Only one of them could win, but who would be the winner? She had no idea, but according to the current circumstances, the JS Group was most likely to win. Selina had been working around the clock recently, and every now and then Jackson would also come to the company to discuss with her. Sometimes their meetings would last for several hours in a row, and although Cherry didn't know exactly what they were talking about, she knew that it certainly had something to do with the Future Project. After all, Jackson had

home, Wilson also thought of nothing but the project. Besides, she also hadn't met Stephen in a long time, but it was more than likely that he was also occupied with the project. Although the Future Project was huge, in the end, only one party would be the winner. Who would the winner be? Selina, Wilson and Stephen were all very important to Cherry. Stephen was one of her best friends, Wilson was her beloved step brother, and Selina was her boss. Besides, Selina was closely connected with Jackson, and how could she ever compete with Jackson?

All of a sudden, Jacob turned to look at Cherry, and asked, "Well, Cherry, you're Selina's secretary. Have you noticed any change in Selina?"

Confused, Cherry answered, "The JS Group is also preparing itself for the Future Project, but I don't know any details. Ms. Selina's been quite busy recently, but me and Caroline just deal with some of the company's much pettier things, so I'm not really familiar with the JS Group's involvement with the project."

Hearing Cherry's answer, Jacob nodded, and said, "I see. With such a huge project, Selina is cunning enough not to disclose any details to her secretaries."

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