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   Chapter 129 Go Back Home With Me

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When she saw Jackson's cold face, Caroline immediately put the ice down. Cherry sat up straighter as she was also nervous.

Jackson walked up to Cherry, grabbed her by the arm, and dragged her into Selina's office.

When the office door opened, Selina was still sitting at her desk. She became intrigued when she saw Jackson drag Cherry in with him, but before she could even ask what had happened, she heard Jackson's following words.

"Get out!" commanded Jackson seriously. After he finished his words and stared at Selina for a few moments, he grabbed Cherry's hand again and dragged her to the resting room.

There was a small resting room in Selina's office, but Selina had never slept there. Instead, whenever they came to the JS Group, Jackson and Derek would lie inside there for quick naps, or sit on the couches to watch TV.

Jackson pulled Cherry into the resting room, closed the door, and pressed Cherry against it. He then stretched out his hand, and raised up Cherry's face.

Cherry didn't say a word to him, and instead just avoided his eyes. Since she had already noticed that Jackson was very mad, she knew that every effort to resist him would be futile.

Looking at the red marks on her fair face, Jackson couldn't help but feel a sharp sting in his heart.

"Did she do this to you?" asked Jackson.

With her head turned sideways, Cherry said, "You already know the answer to this question."

"Why didn't you dodge her?" questioned Jackson. He hadn't witnessed the scene, but if he had, he would have never allowed Cherry to be slapped.

Cherry instantly got angry when she heard this. She obviously wasn't feeling great, because she had been slapped, and to top it, now this wretch in front of her was blaming her for not dodging the blow.

Cherry gazed at Jackson, and said, "Jackson, do you really think that I wanted to be slapped?"

He didn't say any words, but instead showed his heartache in expression. He wanted to touch her face with his hands, something that Cherry avoided. She didn't want to look at him, let alone be touched by him.

Cherry took a deep breath of air, and said, "Jackson, if you don't want to leave her, we can divorce. Then you can justifiably marry her and she won't come here

Sally, would you come back to me? Come back to the apartment?"

Cherry opened her eyes and gazed at Jackson. Judging from the look in his eyes, she could see that he was earnest, and Cherry firmly believed that he was actually serious and not joking. However, could she actually go back to him? If she had been alone, she would have instantly said yes, but things were different now, and she had Joe beside her. How could she return?" and let Joe go to the Chu family, which was filled with so much complicated enmity?

Cherry started to be hesitant, and didn't know what to do next. She was immersed in her thoughts, and wondered what had happened in the Chu household while she had been gone. Although Andrew had treated her well, she had still seen the Chu family's dark secret in his eyes, and was very afraid that Joe might then be in danger if she brought him there.

Looking at Cherry's expression, Jackson became curious. He made such a grand concession for her, but she still didn't say yes to him.

"Baby, " called Jackson softly.

Cherry hadn't heard this word in a long time, and it seemed that Jackson had been the only one who had called her like this. Was she really his baby? If she was his baby, then why did he leave her for Sally? If she was his baby, then why did he keep Sally at his side for the past five years? Didn't he already know that she didn't like that?

In the end, Cherry firmly shook her head, and said, "I have no intention of coming back at the moment."

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