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   Chapter 127 Don't Let Her Go

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Joe declared with great determination, "If I get married in the future, I'll still always put my mommy first. I will take good care of mommy with the help of my wife, so that mommy can be happy ever after."

Cherry was delighted to hear those innocent words said by her son. Naive as they were, Cherry felt happy.

Cherry's heart still ached from Emily's death. She had always hidden it from her son, because Emily was too important to her. She did not want to mention it, and had to bury it deep inside her heart.

Joe looked at his mommy's face and took everything in. He knew that mommy had kept her emotions about one of the most important persons to herself, and that she never told him anything about Emily. Perhaps if mommy talked about Emily, she would cry. If that were the case, he couldn't make his mommy think about Emily; his mommy shouldn't cry again.

After a long while, Cherry looked at her watch and realised that it was too late in the night. She said to Joe, "It's very late now. Go to bed, and I'll drop you to school tomorrow."

"Ok, good night, " said Joe lovingly and obediently.

Lying in bed, Joe stared at the room ceiling, feeling that he had gained a new understanding of the father he had never met before.

Meanwhile, Jackson drove the car back to his department. He didn't return to the military residential compound, nor go to Sally. Once inside his apartment, he took out two bottles of wine and a glass, and drank all of the wine, sitting alone in the living room. He felt so bad.

Just then, the phone on the couch rang. He knew it was Sally calling him. He did not bother to pick it up.

After a while, Jackson heard somebody knocking at his door. At first, he thought he was hallucinating because he felt dizzy from drinking all that wine. Then, the knock on the door kept persisting. 'Who wants to see me at midnight?' he wondered. Could it possibly be Cherry? Had she promised that she would come back to the apartment?

A glimmer of hope started to rise in his heart. He stood up, came to the door, opened it and then, saw the angry face of Sally.

"Jackson, why didn't you answer my phone?" Sally demanded in a fury.

Jackson saw it was Sally and he felt disappo

In the morning, Cherry drove her car and dropped Joe to school. Then, she came to the office.

Before she entered the JS Building, she saw Caroline hastily walking out. Cherry was a bit confused and had to stop her to ask, "Caroline, where are you going in such a hurry?"

Caroline saw Cherry and stopped. She answered, "Cherry, Ms. Selina just called and said that she's going to the hotel to discuss a contract. She asked me to bring the contract to her."

"Well, I can come with you, " said Cherry. She thought that since she was also a secretary, it was also her duty to do these kind of tasks.

Caroline refused her proposal and answered, "No, thanks. You should go upstairs and prepare for the conference to be held this afternoon. You can leave this contract to me."

Cherry agreed with this arrangement. She also had some work already lined up to do today.

"Alright, " Cherry accepted.

Then, Caroline left, saying, "I'm off. Bye."

Cherry watched Caroline's fading figure for a bit, and turned round and walked towards the elevator.

Once seated in front of her desk, Cherry started to sort out the documents needed for the afternoon conference.

Suddenly, the elevator door opened. Cherry thought that Selina and Caroline had come back and she was about to greet them with a smile.

Then, she raised her head and saw that it wasn't Selina or Caroline who came out of the elevator, but Sally whom she was so familiar with. She was left dumbstruck.

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