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   Chapter 126 Joe Knew Everything

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When Cherry got back home, she found Wilson sitting in the living room. She thought that Wilson must have been waiting for her and so he had not gone to sleep.

Cherry walked into the living room and calmly asked, "Wilson, it's really late. Why haven't you gone to bed yet?"

Wilson, however, did not immediately answer her question. Instead, he stood up, walked up to her and asked patiently, "Did he drive you here?"

Wilson found himself behaving very naively. He had seen that Jackson drove her home. Why bother to ask her about it?

Cherry did not intend to hide it from Wilson anyway. She said, "You have seen?"

Wilson once again ignored Cherry's question and asked her instead, "Were you and Jackson the only two for the dinner tonight?"

"No, Selina and Derek were also there. We had dinner together and then..." Cherry paused for a second and continued, "Jackson drove me home."

"Ha ha…" Wilson suddenly laughed out helplessly. He looked away and said, "I should have known. Your staying around Selina means that you can stay around Jackson. Why do you keep insisting on moving out of my villa? Do you want to go back to Jackson's house?"

"Wilson, I have never thought of that!" said Cherry in a hurry. She had not expected Wilson to think that way.

"Then, what is it that you have thought? Both dad and aunt have urged you not to move out and I have begged you to stay too. But you still did not change your mind. Do you plan to be with Jackson again? Didn't you say that you could never forget what Jackson had done to you?" Wilson had summoned up the courage to speak his mind.

Cherry looked at Wilson and felt a rush of sadness. She had thought that even if the rest of the world couldn't understand her, at least he would. However, what he had said had disappointed her.

Cherry tried to calm herself down and said to him, "Wilson, I'm tired and I'm going to get some rest first."

With these words, she turned and was about to leave, but Wilson walked up to her and stood in her way. He persisted to ask, "Tell me! Do you want to be with Jackson again?"

Cherry, finally unable to control her emotions, shouted at Wilson, "So what if I do? After all he's my husband; we are not divorced. The fact that he is Joe's father can never be changed."

Cherry's words stunned Wilson. At that moment, he realized that their fate was predetermined and no matter how hard he tried, it would not be changed.

Cherry was stunned too. She regretted that she had not succeeded in controlling herself well and ended up shouting at Wilson.

Cherry tried to calm herself down and said, "Sorry, Wilson. I'm not quite myself today. Please don't push me anymore right now. Okay?"

Having uttered these words, Cherry pushed Wilson away and rushed straight upstairs.

Wilson stood quietly in the living room and stared into the space.

Cherry went back to her bedroom, closed the door and leaned against it quietly. Her mind was in a total mess. Both Jackson's and Wilson's words kept on echoing in her mind. The two important persons in her life were both pushing her into a corner. She really did not know what to do. What should sh

r spoken about it with him before.

Cherry continued, "When I married into the Chu family, your father treated me well at first. We didn't love each other, but we got along together very well. Occasionally, your dad was very good to me. And then, you know what happened? Mommy was moved and fell in love with him. At that time mommy was a person who missed any form of love. I had never gotten my parents' love. My father, my stepmother and their daughter, all bullied me, and your grandma was abroad then. There was nobody around who loved me. When your father treated me well, I got lost in that feeling."

Joe listened to Cherry's words and wanted to cry. He had never anticipated that his mother would have had to live such a hard life before.

Cherry said calmly, "But later, when a woman called Sally appeared in our lives, our marriage completely broke down. She had grown up together with your daddy and he had forever loved her and maybe still loves her. Your daddy had done a lot of crazy things for her ever since she appeared. Once on a freezing cold night, he left me alone and went to meet her. In that period, I spent many a sleepless nights in tears."

Cherry could not help but burst into tears. Joe, seeing his mother crying, helped her wipe away her tears with his little hands.

Cherry tried to hold back her emotions, not wanting to reveal too much in the presence of her son.

"In short, after a lot of things happened, mommy left your father. Even though sometimes he was good to me, I still knew that he loved that woman. I was afraid of being alone in that cold house, " said Cherry. She tried her best to hold back her tears.

Cherry had told Joe the whole story and now, he knew everything. While helping Cherry wipe her tears, Joe said, "Mommy, everything will stay the same in the future. In my heart, there is only mommy. I will always live with mommy and I don't want anyone else to enter into our life."

Cherry looked at her son, suddenly smiled and said, "Silly boy, you still have to get married when you grow up, and I'm sure you'll marry a beautiful girl."

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