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   Chapter 124 Could You Drive Cherry Home

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Inside the toilet, Cherry looked at herself in the mirror and suddenly lost all of her confidence. She couldn't believe the woman staring at her from the other side of the mirror was her. Just now, Jackson, sitting next to her, answered Sally's call. It was obvious that he still loved Sally. Cherry thought to herself, 'There is no way for me to walk back into his heart. Even though five years have past and I've come back, nothing has changed. He still loves Sally.'

Cherry kept throwing water to her face and tried to clam down by the cold water.

After a while, Cherry wiped the water on her face with a napkin. Then she took in a deep breath, smiled to herself and thought, 'Cherry, now Jackson isn't the most important person in your life. It is your son, Joe, who is the most treasured person to you. So, as long as Joe is good, you should be satisfied. Why should you care about Jackson?'

After Cherry adjusted her mood, she was going to walk out of the toilet.

But the moment she walked out of the toilet, she was pulled by a strong hand and pressed against the wall. Cherry had wanted to cry out a shout, because she had been pulled by someone all of sudden. But the familiar smell immediately helped her identify who it was. She was very familiar with the smell of Jackson.

Jackson slammed her against the wall angrily, moving close to her and his chest touching her soft boobs.

Cherry asked nervously, "Jackson, what do you want?"

Jackson held her neck with one hand and lifted her face with the other hand. He had always been crazy about her beautiful face.

"Why did you run away?" Cherry heard Jackson ask coldly.

Cherry got the chills and understood what Jackson meant.

"You're getting a call. Is it appropriate for me to sit next to you there?" Cherry built up the courage and asked.

"A call?" Jackson repeated her words and asked, "Do you care about me?"

"No!" Cherry quickly denied. She looked away and responded, "I have nothing to do with you or your business."

"Really?" Jackson smiled devishly and moved even closer to Cherry. His face nearly touching hers.

Cherry pushed at his chest with her hands, not wanting him to be this close to her. She angrily demanded, "Jackson! Get away from me! Go ahead and find that woman you love."

Jackson heard her words and that made him happy. He still wondered whether Cherry cared about him.

He asked, "Are you jealous, Cherry? Eh?" Jackson was bossy and pressed his cheek against hers.

When he did so, Cherry quivered. She pushed Jackson and swore in low voice, "Jackson, I am telling you, get out of here!"

When Jackson saw Cherry continuing to resist him, he was even happier. It almost seemed that they had gone back to the way they had been before. Back in the day, whenever she had resisted him, he had always ended up making fun of her. He wanted to dote on her, cherish her and love her.

Cherry noticed that Jackson had no intention to let go of her and still held her tight. She angrily said, "Will you let go of me or not?"

"What if I don't?" Jackson asked

ow that he had no idea what was going on.

Before long, the door opened once again and Jackson walked in.

Derek saw that Jackson's face looked just the same icy-cold as before, so he asked curiously, "Jackson, where did you go?"

"Do I have to report to you about where I went?" Jackson sat down and looked straight at Derek.

Derek quickly shook his head and said, "No! No! I was just wondering... just wondering."

Selina noticed a strange chemistry between Jackson and Cherry, so she guessed that they may have just had an argument. After all, she knew exactly what a temper Jackson had.

She looked at Jackson and said, "Jackson, can you just control your bad temper? My sister-in-law is here! Can't you just be polite?"

Jackson said nothing and sat still.

Selina felt that she had been right. Because Jackson didn't argue with her, which meant that what she had said was right.

Selina suddenly pulled at Cherry's hands and gently said, "Cherry, don't mind Jackson. He is a person of nervous disposition. You know his temper very well. He is always mean to everyone. So don't take it personally."

Cherry looked at Selina and thought it would be inappropriate to argue with her. So she just smiled and said, "Let's just finish our meals. I want to go home early."

Cherry had not really answered Selina's question directly but changed the topic instead. So Selina lightly said, "Oh." Then she lowered her head and continued with her dinner.

After dinner, the four of them went to the parking lot together. Selina suddenly recalled something, so she went to Derek's side and tugged at his clothes.

Derek looked at Selina's face and knew that she must have something to tell him, but he could not guess what it was.

Selina looked at her silly brother with a completely disappointed expression. She could not expect him to do anything.

She took his arm and said to Jackson and Cherry, "Jackson, it just hit me that I need to buy something, so I want my brother to accompany me. Could you drive Cherry home, please?"

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