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   Chapter 123 An Awkward Scene

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It was almost noon when Cherry returned to the company, but Selina still hadn't arrived the company yet. Cherry planned to meet with her, but she had asked her to stay in the company and wait for her. Selina told Cherry that she could handle everything okay, so Cherry waited for her until she came back in the afternoon.

Selina returned, but she didn't ask Cherry about what had happened earlier in the morning because she believed that those things were not really difficult for Cherry. Besides, she wasn't interested in Wilson's child.

For the whole afternoon, Cherry and Caroline were both busy being engaged in a meeting with Selina.

When Cherry returned to the CEO's area, she suddenly found that there were two people sitting in Selina's office. She took a serious glance at them, and recognized that the two were actually Jackson and Derek.

When he saw her, Derek nodded to Cherry greeting her, and Cherry replied the same.

Selina saw them, and as she smiled to them, she asked, "How did you two end up here?"

"We came here because we had nothing else to do, " said Derek, "But we couldn't find you here, and no one even served us with a glass of water while we waited for you."

Derek's words reminded Cherry that she should have served them tea, because she was, after all, Selina's secretary.

Cherry hastily went to grab two cups of tea from the tea room, and then placed them in front of Jackson and Derek.

Jackson glanced at Cherry without saying a word.

Shortly after she served the tea, Cherry left.

After he saw Cherry leaving, Derek looked at Jackson, and said, "Why didn't you talk to her?"

Jackson didn't reply, and instead took a sip of his cup of tea.

Smiling, Selina put down the documents that she was carrying in her hands and sat next to Jackson. She put her hand on Jackson's shoulder, and said, "Hey, buddy, she's your wife, not a stranger. Do you really have to pretend to be cool in front of me and my brother?"

Although Jackson wanted to teach Selina a lesson, he couldn't.

Derek also smiled mischievously, but without saying a word.

Selina then suddenly suggested, "Do you want to have dinner together tonight? My treat."

Selina looked at Jackson, who was still silent, and then looked at

y's words left Selina a little confused, and made her wonder whether she liked it better in the city or abroad. She wished to hear her say that she preferred the city, and also her former life with Jackson.

Feeling awkward, Derek suddenly looked at Jackson, who hadn't said a word yet, and asked him, "Jackson, why don't you say something?"

"Do I have to say something?" replied Jackson coldly. He didn't want to say anything, and instead only wanted to hear Cherry's words and voice.

Derek didn't know how to answer his question.

Then, Jackson's phone on the table suddenly rang, and Cherry couldn't help but glance at it's screen. The following moment, a grim look appeared on her face; the caller was Sally.

Jackson took the phone from the table and looked at it, but when he saw who the caller was, he hesitated for a brief moment before he answered the call.

"Hello, Sally, " answered Jackson gently.

"Jackson, where are you?" All the other three people clearly heard the woman's voice.

Derek and Selina thought it was too awkward for them to say something.

Cherry suddenly felt that she was redundant. Jackson was flattering his woman on the phone right next to her and she couldn't do anything.

She suddenly stood up from her chair, and said, "I'm going to the bathroom."

After that, she quickly left from the room.

As he looked at her going out through the door, Jackson sensed that she was trying to escape him, and asked himself, 'How could she get away from me?'

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