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   Chapter 121 Mommy Got Angry (Part One)

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Cherry arrived at the school in a hurry, and just as she reached the main gate, she saw that Joe was standing at the entrance of the teaching building with another boy beside him.

Cherry greeted the entrance guard and almost instantly arrived at the teaching building.

When she arrived at the entrance, a teacher came out from it.

Walking next to Joe, Cherry anxiously asked, "Joe, what happened? What's this all about?"

After these two questions, Cherry turned her eyes to the boy nearby. It was obvious that his face was bruised. Did her baby boy actually do that?

The teacher walked up to Cherry, and asked, "Are you Joe Shen's mother?"

"Yes, I am, " immediately replied Cherry. "What's going on here?"

However, the teacher looked pretty arrogant, and said, "You didn't see already? Ask your child."

Cherry felt a bit helpless when she saw the teacher's attitude. She then continued to pay attention to Joe, and seriously asked, "Joe, what's the matter with you?"

But Joe didn't look at Cherry at all, and instead turned his eyes away from her.

At that moment, a woman came over, carrying a handbag with her. Seeing that her son was hit, she immediately cried in surprise, "My baby, who did this to you? Who hit you?"

When the boy saw that his mother had come, he suddenly burst into tears and hid into his mother's arms. He started to explain, "It was my classmate, Joe. I just said that he doesn't have a father and he came and hit me. His uncle takes him to our school everyday, he doesn't have a father."

As soon as the boy finished his words, Joe got angry again, and rushed at the boy while screaming, "Who did you say didn't have a father? Say it again! Say it again!"

Seeing that her son was

or my son. It was all our fault, and I hope that you can forgive us."

Cherry didn't care about her apology at all; instead, she was worried that the woman had concluded that Joe was Jackson's son, because she had recognized who she was. Anyone would have have thought the same the first moment they had a glimpse at Joe's face, but Jackson didn't know about his existence at all, and she didn't want to uncover her son's identity, at least not yet. What was to be done now?

Cherry then suddenly made a decision in her mind, and decided that she would do everything for her son.

Cherry looked pretty serious. She stared at the woman standing in front of her, and said, "That's alright, it's not something serious. After all, Joe hit your son, and I feel sorry about that too."

Immediately after Cherry finished her words, the woman replied, "No, no, no, it was my son who wronged your son with his words. Miss Cherry, I hope that you're not upset by this."

Cherry then looked at that woman carefully, and said, "What happened today is already in the past, but I do wish that you promise me one thing."

"Of course, anything, " said the woman.

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