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   Chapter 119 Cherish What You Want

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Outside at the party, Selina leisurely held a glass of wine and talked to some of her friends. Many people in the business circle were impressed by her elegance and sharp business acumen.

Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of Sally together with a man. The man couldn't have possibly been Jackson, because he was wearing a brown suit, while Jackson was dressed in a black one.

Selina didn't know why Sally was with that man, or what they were talking about.

She suddenly remembered that Lori Liu had once told her about Sally going on a date with a man. She had also secretly asked someone to investigate into the man, but she had found out nothing.

'Things might not be as simple as they look like, ' thought Selina.

She immediately excused herself, put down her glass on a table nearby, and was about to go to Sally and the man. Wasn't he the man with whom Sally had gone on a date last time?

But she could not make it to them, because

Stephen suddenly blocked her way.

"Stephen, what are you doing?" asked Selina anxiously, while she was still staring at the two who had almost disappeared from her sight.

"Miss Selina, where are you going?" asked Stephen flatly. He seemed very relaxed, and didn't care about Selina's anxiety.

"It's none of your business, " said Selina, wanting to avoid him.

However, Stephen followed Selina and stopped her again.

"You're right, " said Stephen calmly before he reached the point of his conversation with her. "I want to ask you where Cherry is."

"In the rest sector, " answered Selina. She then pushed Stephen aside and rushed to where she had spotted Sally earlier.

As Stephen looked at Selina walking away, his gentle expression suddenly turned grim. He knew that Selina had spotted Sally and the man, and that she wanted to find out what was going on, but he wouldn't make it easy for her. Once Selina got to the man, the game was going to be boring, and since Selina was always on Jackson's side, she would definitely tell him. That made the game too easy for Jackson.

When Selina had finally managed to pass through, Sally and the man were long gone. She furiously stomped and cursed Stephen, because if it hadn't been for him, she would have caught Sally red handed.

She wandered among the crowd, and wondered why Sally would do such a thing. Hadn't she returned to the city for Jackson, five years ago? She had been with Jackson for the past five years, but why would she go on a date with another man now? Who was that man? Were they in a relationship already? What would Jackson do with the man if he found out about t

knew that Jackson must be missing Cherry badly, and that he was not a man who would forget his love so easily.

"Jackson, " said Selina. "You sometimes need to control your temper better. You could be indifferent to the people around you, but you must learn to be obedient to Cherry. She's a woman who wants to be treated gently, not grimly."

"I thought that I was very gentle with her, " suddenly argued Jackson. He turned to look at Selina, and seriously said, "She's the only one whom I treat with care and gentleness."

Selina was a little startled by his reply, and she could clearly see from Jackson's eyes that he valued Cherry deeply.

For a moment, Selina was silent, and so was Jackson, who turned his head again sideways to look out the window.

A long moment later, Selina said, "Jackson, go and get back what you had and cherish it. Once it goes too far away from you, you'll probably lose it forever."

Jackson didn't answer.

Selina felt a little embarrassed. Then, something occurred to her. She said, "I've had Cherry promoted and she's my secretary now. I'll try my best to take care of her."

With that, she opened the door, and got out.

Jackson was grateful for what Selina had done for him. She had always been his beloved little sister, who had always understood him and who was willing to help him. Perhaps, besides his grandfather and Cherry, Derek and her were his most precious treasures in the whole world.

Jackson started the car and then drove away.

Selina's words echoed in his brain. She was right. How could he let his treasure be stranded outside away from him? He had to get it back. He wanted to protect Cherry for the rest of his life, so that he could always be there for her.

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