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   Chapter 118 An Unexpected Time Together

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In the bathroom, Selina carefully cleaned Cherry's face as gently as she could. It pained her to see Cherry's swollen cheek.

"Cherry, how do you feel?" asked Selina anxiously.

Cherry slowly straightened herself up and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She whispered, "I'm fine."

However, Selina was sure that it hurt a lot, event though Cherry tried to deny it.

Cherry looked at her friend, and sincerely said, "Selina, thank you."

She knew that Cherry was referring to what happened back at the party, and said, "You're welcome. I just don't like Sally's attitude at all. What makes she think that she had the right to smack you?"

Cherry didn't reply.

Selina then understood that Cherry was not the kind of person who liked to speak ill of someone else, and that was why she couldn't blame Sally. After all, Sally was Jackson's partner at the party.

Selina suddenly asked, "Cherry, did you leave Jackson five years ago because of Sally?"

Selina was dying to know why Cherry had left Jackson, because only by knowing the truth could she make a comprehensive plan of reuniting Cherry with Jackson. But now she didn't know how to make things better.

Cherry looked away to avoid Selina's gaze, and then said, "Isn't Sally the love of his life?"

Suddenly all made sense to Selina. Because Cherry had cared so much about Jackson, she was offended by Sally meddling in their relationship.

"No, " answered Selina in an instant, but she still didn't know how to tell Cherry the whole truth. She added, "Sally doesn't deserve that."

But before Selina could say anything more, she was suddenly interrupted by Cherry.

Cherry raised one hand, and said, "Selina, please stop."

Selina sensed Cherry's sadness and obeyed. If she had been the one smacked so openly in public, she would have been even more depressed than Cherry was.

"Let's go, " said Cherry.

Selina nodded.

But when they walked out of the bathroom, th

other side of the room.

"Cherry Shen, don't think that because Selina has your back you can do anything you want, " scolded her Jackson, exasperated. Immediately, he wished that it had all come out differently, although he didn't even know why he would even say that. He had come to see her, and to check the wound on her face and comfort her, but the woman was as stubborn as an ox. She went against him as always, and of course, he lost his temper again.

"Are you defending Sally now?" Cherry felt her heart ache more than ever. It turned out that Sally had indeed stolen his heart after all.

Cherry continued, "Today was just an accident. Rest assured, I won't meet you and Sally again in the future, and even if I do, I'll treat you as two strangers. I hope that next time you can keep her out of trouble, she really needs to be more cautious with her choice of words and deeds. In that way, maybe she'll be lucky and not get hurt either."

She had done her best, and this was her bottom line.

However, her words left Jackson in an utter frenzy.

Jackson did not know what to say anymore, and stormed out of the room.

Cherry abandoned her pokerface and collapsed on the ground with a thump. The confrontation had almost worn her out, and she was on the verge of a sudden breakdown.

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