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   Chapter 116 You Are Not Meant To Stand Beside Him (Part One)

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Another voice said, "You're right! I know that the younger daughter of the Shen clan had been married to Jackson Chu. But I heard that she had fled away five years ago, and that the Chu family had almost turned the city upside down because of it."

The gossip about them spread quickly in the crowd under the neon lights.

Cherry's face turned pale when she heard the people around her talking about her. Her wounds from the past had been uncovered by the crowd, and now her scarred heart started to ache again.

Selina could obviously see that Cherry was shivering. She hadn't expected that someone would mention what had happened five years ago. Her initial thought was to take Cherry here to meet Jackson at the party, and she just wanted Jackson to take Cherry back again.

Suddenly, a man walked up to Cherry, stood beside her, and asked, "Miss Cherry, why did you leave Jackson five years ago? Was it because the Chu family didn't treat you well?"

Cherry didn't answer, and instead lowered her head, without uttering a word.

Another voice was then heard in the crowd, "Miss Cherry, we all know that shortly after you ran away, the Shen Group had gone bankrupt. Did you come back because of that?"

When she heard this, Cherry immediately raised her head to look at that person. Had the Shen Group really gone bankrupt? How come she hadn't known about this? She didn't care about the Shen Group, because no one in the Shen family deserved her care and attention. Cherry didn't expect that the Shen Group would actually go bankrupt, and she vaguely felt that her father Harrison was still powerful and that the Shen Group would never go bankrupt. What was going on? What on earth had happened in the five years while she was absent?

When sh

Look how beautiful she looks in it! Her figure is my dream figure, I have to ask her how she keeps herself so fit!"

"Indeed, Miss Cherry is perfect! Just look at her face and her temperament; she was born to be elegant and noble, and that certainly is something that clothes and jewelry can never give!"

"You're right! If she wasn't, how could she have ever married Jackson Chu? She was always the Chu clan's daughter-in-law. I heard that Andrew spoke very highly of her."

"What about Sally then?"

"Who knows? She is, at most, the other woman."

Hearing the offensive gossip, Sally could't bear it anymore.

She clenched her teeth and looked into Cherry's eyes, and in an infuriated tone, said, "Cherry Shen, are you here to strike at me?" She wished that she could kill her on the spot.

Selina was just about to reply to Sally's words, but she was stopped by Cherry.

Cherry pretended to be strong, and as she looked at Sally, she said, "Miss Sally, I really don't have that much spare time to strike at you." Cherry paused and took a look at the dress on Sally, and continued, "But today it seems that we are wearing the same dress; it's surprising!"

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