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   Chapter 112 Be My Secretary From Tomorrow

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"Well, it looks good, " said Jackson indifferently, and after that, he turned his eyes to the other side.

Because she heard Jackson's voice, Sally didn't pay any attention to his expression at that moment, and instead buried herself even deeper in her enthusiasm for the dress.

"Alright, I'll take this one, " said Sally happily to the shop assistant.

"Okay, Miss, " said the shop assistant immediately with great respect.

Carrying the shopping bag in his hand, Jackson went out of the mall alongside Sally.

Cherry and Selina took a turn on the third floor but found no clothes that captured their attention. Selina couldn't help but complain to Cherry, "Do you think we'll find the clothes we need today? We've already been there for such a long time, but found nothing. In what are we supposed to be dressed at the party tomorrow if we can't buy the dresses that we like? I'm going there on behalf of the JS Group."

What Selina said made Cherry feel like she was a kid again. She could rely on someone, and even be as effeminate as a small girl was, rather than act as the independent and arrogant boss of a company.

Cherry smiled, and said, "It's all right, let's just keep looking around, I'm sure that we'll eventually find something that we like. Anyway, we haven't even gone to the fourth and fifth floors yet, right?"

"That's right." Selina agreed with Cherry after she thought about it for a while, and said, "Now, let's go to the fourth floor to have a look at what we can find there."

"Okay, " said Cherry.

Selina and Cherry then climbed to the fourth floor and began to walk around again and look at the stores. Cherry saw a sapphire blue dress on a mannequin, and she suddenly stopped in front of the store, strongly attracted by the dress.

Selina realized that there was a slight change on Cherry's face. She initially thought that Cherry might had met an acquaintance there, but after she followed her gaze, Selina realized that it was actually a dress.

"Do you like it?" asked Selina in Cherry's ear.

Cherry had excellent tastes. And as she stared at the dress, Cherry said, "Its style is the latest fashion in Milan. I saw it on the cover of a fashion magazine once."

When she heard her, Selina vaguely hinted that Cherry might like the dress.

Like a a daughter that came from an esteemed and honored family, Selina said to the shop assistant, "Excuse me, could you

give to her? From what she saw, it seemed that the four secretaries were never busy, and considered that if she joined them, then the number of useless mouths would only increase.

In a serious tone, Selina suddenly said, "You don't know that my four secretaries are not top talents; sometimes they're competent, but they still can't reach my standards. I'm not really satisfied with them."

"So what kind of requirements do you have for the job?" Cherry still believed that she couldn't be qualified for Selina's secretary position. She had no experience in administrative work, and was just a green hand.

"They're not so high, actually I just need a person who has an excellent random strain ability, " said Selina, and as she turned her eyes to Cherry, she continued, "I believe that you're a perfect candidate. Your random strain ability must be first-rate!"

Cherry had to admit that she was indeed talented in this respect. During the years she had spent in another foreign country, she had worked for a small company. Besides her work as a member of the business department, she also had to deal with some trivial things for the leader. She had solved many urgent tasks on some occasions, and thus reached Selina's standards in this respect.

When Selina saw that Cherry didn't reply to her, like a pampered child she immediately said, "Cherry, just be my secretary, okay? Then you can stay by my side, and our relationship will be much, much closer!"

As she looked at the naughty girl in front of her, Cherry finally couldn't stand it any more, and eventually said, "Okay, I'll try my best."

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