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   Chapter 111 Buying Evening Dress Together

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Cherry then went upstairs, and when she opened the door of her bedroom, she saw Joe playing his video games on the bed.

As soon as Joe saw his mother, he stopped playing immediately, got off the bed, and rushed to her. He asked, "Mommy, why are you home so late? Uncle's been back already for ages."

Cherry squatted to hold Joe in her arms, and gently said, "Mommy was gone to visit an old friend today. That's why I'm so late."

"Oh, I see, " said Joe. "So Mommy talked with him about their friendship?"

Cherry then let go of her son, and while she patted his head, she said, "Joe, it's time for bed now. I'll go and take a shower."

"Okay. I'll wait for you. I want to sleep in your arms, " said Joe cutely.

Cherry smiled, and then went into the bathroom.

That night, Jackson couldn't sleep, and he stayed up late in the living room, with the lights turned off. Everything was quiet and still, and the moonlight shined on his face through the window.

It was not until two o'clock in the morning that Jackson went upstairs to his bedroom. When he walked in and saw the wedding photo on the wall, he looked at Cherry's happy smile and couldn't help but call out and sigh, "Honey."

Jackson moved slowly towards the bed and then laid on it. He huddled up in the blanket and eventually closed his eyes and fell asleep.

His phone rang and woke him in the morning.

He opened his eyes and looked at his phone. He saw that Sally was the caller, and wondered, why the heck would she call him at seven o'clock in the morning?

Jackson eventually answered it reluctantly.

"Hello, Sally, " he said blandly.

In a sweet voice, Sally affectedly asked, "Jackson, were you sleeping?"

"What's the matter?" asked Jackson.

"You know about the party tomorrow night, right?" asked Sally suddenly.

"The party tomorrow night?" The question caught Jackson off guard, and he tried to remember what she was talking about.

But Sally couldn't wait for him, and quickly jogged his memory, "It's the biggest business party in town. The Future Project is coming so there will be lots of attendees. It'll be a grand, wonderful party."

Jackson then realized what she was talking about. The business party was held on the same date each year, but he had been too concerned with the other things that had happened recently to remember about it.

After she waited for Jackson's reply for some time, Sally finally asked, "Jackson, are you even listening to me?"

Jackson's snapped out of his pondering, and answered, "Yes."

Sally then said gladly, "Can you go shopping with me today?" I need an evening dress for the party."

"Hadn't you already bought two last time?" asked Jackson impatiently. He was certainly not in the mood for shopping.

"They've been outdated long ago, " said Sally, acting like a spoiled child. "Jackson, please!"

Jackson finally caved in to her pleas, and said, "Okay, I'll come to pick you up later."

Cherry, please don't call me Miss Selina anymore. That name makes me feel alienated from you. Just call me Selina, it sounds much more better."

"I don't, don't think that's appropriate..." Cherry felt a little anxious, because she had worked for Selina ever since she had got hired into the company. How could she be so rude as to call her boss by her first name?

Selina again saw that Cherry was protesting, and added, "Do you want to make me call you sister?"

The threat seemed to instantly work, and Cherry said, "Okay, I'll call you Selina."

Selina looked at Cherry and smiled. Cherry was such a simple and easygoing woman, and Selina enjoyed to be her friend.

They held each other's arms like close buddies and continued to wander through the mall.

At about the same time, and also in the mall, Sally and Jackson were walking hand in hand, in the woman apparel area on the fourth floor.

Suddenly, she cried, "Jackson, look! That one looks really nice, " and pointed at a sapphire blue dress.

She quickly unclasped Jackson's hand and went to see the dress.

Jackson also noticed the dress too. It didn't have a fancy style, but somehow it reminded him of Cherry, because sapphire blue had been Cherry's favorite color, elegant and graceful. He had never expected Sally to like that color.

Sally asked the salesperson of the store about the dress and then entered the fitting room.

A few minutes later, Sally walked outside in the new sapphire blue dress. She said to Jackson, "Jackson, look! What do you think?"

Jackson turned to look at Sally, and his heart suddenly leaped. If he didn't look at her face, he thought that Cherry was actually the one in front of him, and he remembered that Cherry had also once worn a dress of the same color; he thought that no woman could have been more stunning than her.

However, when Jackson saw Sally's face, he snapped out of his memories, and said to himself, 'This woman is not Cherry.'

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