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   Chapter 108 I Won't Let You Go! (Part One)

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"Jackson, you..." cried Stephen. He wanted to rush towards him, but he was stopped by Bobby and had no chance to get close to Jackson.

"What? You want to hit me now?" said Jackson, in an indifferent tone. He seemed to act as if he had nothing to do with what was happening there, and that he was not at all guilty with disturbing the piece in the room.

"Jackson, stop picking on Cherry anymore. She doesn't love you!" suddenly said Stephen, surprising everyone present in the room.

Cherry was even frightened, and wondered how could Stephen ever say such a thing in front of Jackson. Even if she didn't love Jackson, she should have been the one to speak it out, not him.

Jackson's eyebrows knitted, and his eyes filled with hatred and fury.

He then cast a glance at Bobby, who immediately understood what he meant, and directly pulled Stephen aside.

When he saw that Stephen was hit, Wilson wanted to help him, but the man in black immediately grabbed his arm, and didn't allow him to get close to Bobby. The man in black also violently struck Wilson.

When she saw what was happening, Cherry was shellshocked.

"Brother! Stephen!" she shouted. She strode towards Wilson and Stephen, but she was quickly stopped by Jackson.

He fiercely grabbed her shoulders, and stopped her with his body.

Cherry kept resisting him, and she turned her head sideways to see Wilson and Stephen. She kept crying, "Stop it! Please, stop!"

But no one listened to her, and while Jackson remained silent, he seized Cherry even more savagely, stopping her from taking a step further towards her friends.

Cherry felt helpless. When she saw Wilson and Stephen being hit, the only thing that she was able to do was to burst out into tears.

"Please st

suddenly asked, "Cherry, will you really go with Jackson now?"

When he heard what Stephen asked, Wilson also started to worry about Cherry. He had also heard what Jackson had asked of her.

Wilson quickly grabbed Cherry's arm, and asked, "Cherry, will you really go with him?"

She pretended to be strong. She raised her head, looked into Wilson's eyes, and with a bitter smile on her lips, said, "Brother, don't worry about me. He wouldn't lay a hand on me."

"But, " started Wilson, but he was quickly stopped by Cherry.

"Brother, he is, after all, Joe's father. I know him, and he wouldn't do anything cruel to me, " said Cherry.

Stephen stood aside, and also didn't know what to say. His heart felt pain, but alas, he was helpless, and could do nothing for her. What he could do was to blame himself for not being strong enough to deal with Jackson and his men.

Cherry then gave her car key to Stephen, asked him to drive her car home, and left the room.

After she walked out of the restaurant, Cherry immediately saw Jackson's car. It was a military vehicle, and when she got closer to it, she could see that Jackson's face was taut with anger.

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