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   Chapter 106 Meeting At The Restaurant (Part Two)

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After Cherry hung up, she called Stephen, and briefed him about their dinner with Wilson. Since he hadn't spoken with Cherry for a couple of days, Stephen agreed with the arrangement, because he also wanted to chat more with her.

After she finished her work, Cherry came to his bar.

Cherry hesitated to come inside it, and she called Stephen and asked him to meet her outside.

A couple of moments later, Stephen came out through the door and entered her car. Cherry started the engine and then drove away.

Neither Cherry nor Stephen noticed that after Stephen came out of the bar, a camera had been recording their every movement until the moment they left.

Inside the car, Stephen asked, "Why do you want to introduce me to your brother today?"

Cherry smiled at him, and said, "I should have done this a long time ago. You know that I've been busy recently, and besides, my brother's also busy with running his newly established company, the Sky Group. Have you heard of it?"

Stephen nodded, and answered, "Of course, I did. The Sky Group is like a miracle in the business world, and besides, it seems to me that the Sky Group is also in the Future Project."

Cherry was a bit surprised, and asked, "Are you sure? I don't know about that, but I do know that the JS Group has joined the project. One of my colleagues told me this."

Stephen was confused, and wasn't sure whether Cherry actually knew that Jackson was the actual controller of the JS Group. If she knew that, would she have still worked for the JS Group?

Stephen thought for a moment, and then said, "Well, the JS Group is pretty big, and the Future Project is supposed to be reaping staggering profits by the day. The JS Group couldn't have given up on this rare opportunity.

forgotten all about it.

"I'm so sorry, but next time, I'll take Joe and come over to your house, " said Cherry. She felt embarrassed, and awkwardly scratched her head.

Wilson smiled, and said to Stephen, "She's been too busy recently to keep her promises. You can come to our house whenever you want to; auntie will cook a delicious meal for you, and you can finally meet Joe."

Stephen knew that the aunt Wilson had just mentioned, was actually Cherry's mother. Although he felt that he wasn't prepared yet to visit Mr. Yuwen and Cherry's mother, since he wanted to meet Joe so badly, he eventually consented to come to their house.

"Ok, I would like to taste the food cooked by Cherry's mother, " answered Stephen, nodding cheerfully to Wilson first, and then to Cherry.

Cherry also considered that this was a good idea. All of them could have a dinner together at home, and Joe would also certainly be happy. Besides, with Stephen's presence around, she would feel comfortable and delighted.

She said to Stephen, "It's settled then! When I come home tonight, I'll tell my mother all about it, and then we can fix a time for it."

He agreed, and nodded.

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