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   Chapter 104 Did He Really Love Me

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Derek nodded, and in a serious tone, said, "I don't know why she left Jackson, and even if she's back, Jackson doesn't seem to want to take her home. And he..."

Derek didn't continue, but Selina clearly knew what kind of person Jackson was; both of them knew Jackson very well.

Selina was stunned and she sat on the floor, and thought of the first time that she had met Cherry.

She thought that she was very beautiful, but she didn't envy her because of that, and instead appreciated her for her amiable character. After she had spent some time with her, she had failed to find any weakness in Cherry, and considered her a competent and model person. What she hadn't expected was that Cherry would be the person that Jackson was deeply concerned about.

Derek then helped Selina stand up from the ground, and whispered in her ear, "Remember not to tell anyone in the military residential compound about this, especially not Grandpa Andrew. Jackson told me that he would take care of it by himself, but if Andrew ever finds out about this, we know how he will react."

Selina seemed to still be rational, and nodded in agreement.

Suddenly, Selina thought of something. She gripped Derek's arm, and asked, "What about Sally if Cherry is back?"

Derek also got nervous after he heard Selina. He had never thought about Sally up until this moment, but it was true that she was a problem. He remembered what Jackson looked like, and he could tell that he was still worried about Sally.

In the afternoon, Selina returned to the JS Group. She sat in her office and thought of what Derek had told her earlier in the morning. She worried about Jackson, and even more about Cherry. She could tell that Jackson had changed a lot during the past five years. Jackson still acted calm as ever, even if Cherry had returned to the city, but Selina had a vague feeling that Jackson would soon do a terrible thing.

Selina didn't dare to entertain that thought, and instead wondered why had Cherry abandoned him in the first place. Jackson's hatred for Cherry had already reached a visceral level.

She then called her secretary using the intercom, and ordered, "Ask Cherry from the business department to come

one, she was quite sure in her heart that her guess was indeed right.

Cherry hastily hid her true feelings, and said, "No, I've already left that home for five years. I've abandoned it long ago."

"Then why did you come back?" asked Selina.

"I came back for my brother. He wanted to come back and all my family wanted to come back here, " said Cherry stoutly. She indeed had come back because of Wilson, and her mother and uncle had also intended to come back. She didn't want to be left alone abroad, so she had come back with her family.

Selina didn't doubt Cherry's words, because her reasons were very adequate. She had to do it for her family's sake.

"You didn't really want to leave Jackson five years ago, did you? You must have had difficulties, didn't you?" asked Selina. She couldn't believe that Cherry had indeed wanted to leave Jackson.

Cherry then took a deep breath, and as she looked into Selina's eyes, she said, "Our marriage was nothing but a piece of paper. I didn't want to be confined by that piece of paper, so I fled."

Selina hastily shook her head, and said, "But Jackson loves you, Cherry! He really does..."

After she heard Selina's words, Cherry suddenly laughed, and said, "That can't be true."

Cherry then helplessly put on a reluctant?smile. How could she ever deserve such a luxurious thing as love?

"Does he really love me?" suddenly asked Cherry. She didn't ask Selina, but instead asked herself, her own heart.

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