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   Chapter 101 Displeasing The Chu Family

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In the morning, Cherry got up early to get to work. Processing yesterday's orders to the manager and making herself busy with her own tasks, Cherry spent the whole day without anything unexpected happening.

She walked out the JS Building after work, as usual. Her phone, kept away in her bag began to ring suddenly when she was about to drive her car out of the parking lot.

Taking the phone out, Cherry saw that it was John, and she answered the phone.

"Hello, John, " said Cherry in a cold tone.

"Cherry, have you gotten off work now?" John asked with concern.

"Yes, I just got done with work now, " said Cherry.

"So are you free now? Would you like to have a cup of tea with me?" John offered.

Thinking about it for a while, Cherry thought that it would mean nothing to have a cup of tea with John since she had no affection for him now.

"Okay, where do you want me to come? I'll try to get there soon, " Cherry said decidedly.

"Come to the Ancient Path Tea House", replied John.

Cherry drove to the teahouse after hanging up. All that while, she wasn't aware that there was a man following her.

When Cherry got to the place, she found John occupying a seat in the corner, so she just walked up to him.

"You are here, " said John.

"Hmmm, " Cherry sat opposite to John.

"How are you doing these days? How is everything at work?" John asked with concern. He had not seen Cherry since the last time they had met at the cemetery. He had only spoken with her on the phone. Luckily, both of them were free today, so he could meet her here and ask her about her wellbeing.

"Well, fine", said Cherry simply. Seeing John's caring attitude, Cherry spoke to him as though he were a regular friend, "so, how are you doing these days? Are you keeping very busy?"

"Not really, it's just the same as before. Sometimes there are some things that need to be handled, while sometimes, I am free, " said John.

Cherry nodded, letting him know that she was listening to his words.

John continued, "Cherry, how could you join the JS Group?"

Cherry felt a bit surprised when she heard the question. Why couldn't she join the JS Group? She had employed her own abilities rather than nepotism to be one part of the JS Group, so why couldn't she get the position she had earned?

"Why do you ask that? Do you think I could not get into the JS Group?" asked Cheery, with a hint of anger in her voice.

"No", John explained immediately. He didn't mean that and he just wanted to clarify to her that her boss Selina was Derek's sister.

Cherry looked at John, still waiting for his further explanation.

"I just wanted to tell you that your..." John suddenly saw Jackson walking towards them, before he finished his words. His expressions totally changed.

Cherry saw John stopping short with his words, and that his face grew momentarily pale.

"Uncle, " Join could barely get the words out of his mouth. How could Jackson possibly know that they are here? Had he already got the message that Cherry had come back?

Hearing John say the word uncle made Cherry shudder as she knew his uncle was no other than Jackson. This would mean that Jackson was standing behind her right now!

Cherry followed John's gaze to stand up and turned to see the man behind her.

As soon as Cherry saw the angry face of Jackson, she

eatedly, and the look on his face changed very quickly. Who the hell has allowed him call Cherry that?

Jackson immediately walked up to John, who was vanquished on the ground and seized him, "John, she is your aunt, your aunt!"

Jackson wanted, if he could, to engrave the word 'aunt' on John's heart to make sure he would remember it forever that Cherry was only his aunt.

Looking at Jackson's angry expression, John suddenly broke into a smiled, "ho, ho!"

Jackson pushed him aside mercilessly, stood up and took a final look at him. Then he said to Bobby who was obediently standing next to him, "Drag him out."

John was immediately dragged out by Bobby and another man.

Finally there were only Jackson and Cherry left at that corner in the tea house. Jackson gradually walked close to Cherry, who did not pay any attention to his approach at all. She had already made up an image of Jackson in her heart. She believed that he seemed to hate her and his heart must also be filled with hatred.

Jackson walked up to Cherry, holding her slightly swollen and red face. He didn't take pity on her at all, but snapped, "Cherry, how could you become a degenerate so soon? You have just come back! What a cold and uncaring woman you are!"

Cherry stared at Jackson without saying one word. He was, after all, the last man she wanted to see.

Seeing Cherry keeping silent, Jackson continued on his words of reprimand, "Cherry, from now on, every male who appears around you will end up like this or perhaps, even much worse."

With these words, Jackson loosened his the grip of his hands, making Cherry squat down on the ground with a involuntary thud.

Jackson turned around and left.

Cherry sat there, with her hair dishevelled, while other people all around in the teahouse continued to stare at her.

"What just happened with that woman? Who was that man in the military uniform?"

"He is Jackson, the incumbent, supreme commander of this military region. He hails from the Chu family. How can you not know him?"

"Really? He looked so stone-hearted when he slapped that woman. It must have been very painful!"

"I don't know...It looked as though this woman must have really displeased the Chu family."

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