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   Chapter 100 Joe, You Mean Everything To Me

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Cherry walked out of the hotel and looked at the setting sun in the sky. Her brain was overflowing with a whole tangle of emotions. Luckily, she had found just the right person and had him sign on the purchase order. At least, she would not have to worry about her work today.

Cherry sighed deeply and spoke to herself comfortingly, 'Cherry, cheer up! For Joe's sake, you have to work hard and be strong!'

In the evening, Cherry returned home but did not have her usual smile on. Wilson realised that there was something wrong with her the instant he saw her. He walked over and asked affectionately, "Cherr, what's the matter? Did anything go wrong at work today?"

Cherry did not want Wilson to worry about her so she shook her head and quickly replied, "No, everything was good."

Wilson understood that Cherry was trying to hide her true feelings. But he decided not to ask her any further questions and just nodded lightly.

At dinner too, Cherry continued with her pretence to be happy and played with Joe while eating. Neither Jacob Yuwen nor Elsa noticed anything wrong with Cherry's mood. Only Wilson did.

After dinner, Wilson's worry for Cherry continued. He wanted an excuse to spend time with her and decided to ask her to go shopping together with him. Cherry did not suspect anything about his intentions and readily agreed to go with him.

As soon as Cherry sat in the passenger seat, Wilson drove away and only came to a stop when the car reached a remote location.

Cherry looked around and asked curiously, "Wilson, what are we doing here? Weren't we supposed to go shopping?"

Wilson did not answer her question. Instead, he turned towards her, looked into her eyes and commanded intently, "Cherr, tell me about what the hell happened today."

As soon as Cherry heard his words, she tried to hide her expressions and blurted, "Nothing special…"

Wilson was not going to give up that easily. He continued, "Cherr, do you really think you can hide it from me? I can tell from your eyes and your face that there is something grossly wrong."

Cherry bit hard at her lips. She did not want to tell anyone, but she also knew tha

d to be helpless and said, "Well, forget it. Mommy will not bother to see him again in the future. My beloved son, please grow up quickly to protect mommy."

"No problem. I'm your man and I'll always protect you, mommy, " said Joe proudly. He had his mother's exclusive love and that made him the happiest child in the world.

"What the hell are you talking about? You are my son not my man!" said Cherry, almost annoyed. She wondered whether this little kid understood exactly what he was talking about.

"Mommy, but there is no difference, " Joe explained, impatiently, "You have seen my little penis and I have touched your boobs. Obviously I'm your man."

"Joe Shen, do not touch me from today onward, " said Cherry angrily.

"No! I love my mommy the most, " said Joe, rubbing Cherry's boobs with his little head.

"Joe, won't you listen to mommy?" Cherry really did not know how to deal with this naughty side of her son.

"I can't hear you. I can't hear you. I'm going to sleep. Good night, mommy. Muah…" With these words, he closed his eyes and pretended to have fallen asleep.

Cherry dotingly looked at the little boy in her arms and touched his cheeks with her hand. She couldn't stop herself from thinking about Jackson seeing his son's face. The difference, however, was that Jackson hated her while her son loved her.

Cherry didn't know whether Joe would leave her if he found out that Jackson was his father.

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