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   Chapter 98 I Hate You

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"What the hell do you want?" Cherry asked plainly.

"Do I have to tell you what I want?" Jackson retorted. But then, he continued, "I will show you what I really want!"

Jackson's body had started reacting to Cherry the moment he had seen her. This damned woman had dared to abandon him several years ago. And now, she would pay the price, knowing very well the seriousness of the consequence of fighting against his wishes.

Jackson held Cherry's hands and dragged her inside his bedroom. He pushed her down on the bed, rubbing his muscular body against hers.

Cherry had already dropped her bag and the sticky note. At the sight of Jackson approaching her like a beast in a fury, she pleaded hastily, "Jackson, let me go. Let me go!"

"Let you go? Cherry, don't even think of it!" Jackson was getting aggressive. He pinned her two hands firmly, touching her curvy body from over her clothes and sensed her rising temperature and breath. He just couldn't resist Cherry any more. It had been five years since he had last touched this woman. How could he let her go easily today?

He held her arms down with his one strong hand and with the other, he fiercely tore away at her clothes.

Cherry's thin blouse was shredded to pieces, revealing her snow-white skin, only cladding her in her pink underwear, barely covering her private parts.

"Jackson, you're a bastard! How dare you treat me like this?" Cherry resisted Jackson's violence. She was not prepared for this. Her heart ached with the hurt of what Jackson was doing to her.

Jackson continued to ignore Cherry's protests. He continued to work on her, about to pull down her skirt.

Several moments later, Cherry had only two piece of clothes on her body. She lay on the soft and large bed, with Jackson looking at her, as aggressively as a hungry tiger growling at his prey.

Cherry was beginning to run out of her strength in fighting against him. She screamed helplessly, "Jackson, you bastard. Let me go."

She continued with the struggling and the wielding of her arms and legs desperately.

Suddenly, as though finally done with her resistance, Jackson slapped Cherry across the face.

The angry slap on her face, filled her with great fear and simultaneously silenced her down.

Staring at that angry man, Cherry refused to believe that it was the same Jackson, her husband and the father of her son, who had slapped her and was inflicting pain on her. Does he really hate me so much? She could not help

her to do this?

Jackson grabbed her neck, and looked at her face which was as beautiful as before. "Now, tell me. What're you doing here?", he asked sternly.

Cherry saw the angry expression on his face and answered, "You can guess. What will a woman be doing at a hotel?"

Hearing Cherry's answer, Jackson tightened his grip around her neck. He shouted harshly, "Cherry, you are such a slut! Do you still have many men running around you? Now you have the cheek to screw them at a hotel, instead of doing it at home!"

Cherry felt pleased to see Jackson's face distorting out of fury. She answered, "you're right. I have only one bed in my house and it's not large enough for me and my lovers to fit on. Don't you think that a hotel is much more comfortable anyway? Doesn't it look more tempting too?"

"Cherry, you..." Jackson wanted to throttle her throat. This woman was still untameable despite the fact that they hadn't met in five years. He made up his mind that Cherry had to be tamed and taught how to behave herself!

Jackson stared at Cherry in fury and said, "Cherry, do you have any idea how much I hate you?"

Cherry froze suddenly, listening to what he had said. Did he really hate her? Had he alway hated her in all these years? The mere thought made her sad. She had loved him and their son all the time, whereas he was full of hatred for her. How could that happen?

Jackson continued, "I hate you so much. I might just kill you. Do you know that?"

But just as Jackson spoke these words, the room's door was kicked open with a bang.

Hearing the sudden noise, both Cherry and Jackson turned to look at what was going on.

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