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   Chapter 96 Do You Still Remember Me (Part One)

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Cherry came back home, and saw that Joe was watching TV together with his grandparents. She felt satisfied with the affection between family members and walked to them.

When Joe saw that his mommy had returned, he cried, "Good evening, mommy!"

"You're such a good kid, " she said, and held him in her arms.

Concerned about her wellbeing, Elsa said, "You must be absolutely worn out from today's work."

"I'm fine, " answered Cherry.

"Cherry, wait for a moment, your brother is also coming here. We can then have dinner together, " said Jacob Yuwen.

"Alright, uncle, " amiably answered Cherry.

Just a few minutes later after Jacob Yuwen mentioned him, Wilson arrived home carrying a large bag of snacks with him. All of them had been bought especially for Joe.

Delight was written all over Joe's face when he saw the snacks. He hurried to embrace Wilson, and said, "Uncle, you do love me, and you also know what I like!"

"Of course I do! I've bought all of these snacks just for you, " answered Wilson, while he handed the bag to Joe.

"Thank you, uncle!" After Joe took them, he sat on the couch and started to munch on them.

After Cherry saw the whole scene, she inquired, "Wilson, why did you buy so many snacks?"

"I wasn't too busy this afternoon, and when I drove past a store, I bought some for him. Besides, Joe loves them, " said Wilson, with a big grin on his face.

Elsa then shouted from the kitchen, "Wilson, tell your father to wash his hands and come and eat dinner with us. Cherry, stop Joe from eating those snacks, he needs some real food!"

"I know, mother, " answered Cherry.

The family then started to eat dinner at the table. Jacob Yuwen and Elsa loved their grandson so much that they couldn't help themselves to put more food in Joe's bowl and plate.

"Grandpa, stop! I already have enou

ek directly asked, "Selina, is Jackson at JS Group?"

"No, he isn't, " she answered. She wondered why would her brother even ask this, and added, "Why should he even come here if his presence isn't required?"

Before Selina could answer, Derek replied, "Forget about it, I'm hanging up now."

Derek was driving his car, and was anxiously looking for Jackson. He had been looking for Jackson ever since last night. He had searched the military's residential compound, his apartment, but Jackson was nowhere to be found.

At that moment, Sally called, and regardless of the despise that he had on this woman, he reluctantly answered the phone.

"Hello, Sally, is Jackson with you?" Derek knew that it was highly unlikely that Sally was with Jackson, but nonetheless, he still asked. He thought that Jackson staying with Sally was much better news than no one knowing about his current whereabouts.

Sally was surprised that Derek asked her first, because she had also called Jackson several times, but to no avail. She had also called Derek to inquire about him.

"No, he isn't. I'm also looking for him, " Sally said.

After he heard her, Derek hung up, because Sally also didn't have any useful information for him.

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