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   Chapter 95 I Don't Want To See Him

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At first, Cherry hesitated to knock on Stephen's door. Five years had passed since their last meeting, and she wondered if he had changed.

Finally, she mustered up her courage, and lightly knocked on the door.

When she heard Stephen's familiar voice, she opened the door, and entered the office.

Stephen initially thought that one of his staff members had come in; he didn't even raise his head, and instead kept on being busy with his documents. He indifferently asked, "What's up?"

As soon as she saw Stephen, she knew that he hadn't changed a bit. She tenderly greeted him, "Hello, Stephen."

'The voice is so familiar', thought Stephen. When he raised his head, he couldn't believe his eyes.

'How is she standing in my office and greeting me? Isn't she staying abroad? Has she come back?'

He called out her name, with complicated feelings, and too many questions rambling in his head. "Cherry?" Bewildered, Stephen dropped all of his documents from his hands, instantly stood up, and came to her.

Cherry gave him a wide grin, and said, "Stephen, have you forgotten me since our last meeting five years ago?"

Stephen looked at Cherry up and down, and thought that although five years had passed, she still looked as innocent, uncomplicated and beautiful as ever. She had barely changed, although she did seem to be a little more thinner. Was it because she had been living a hard life abroad?

Stephen came closer to her and warmly embraced her.

He had always missed her during her years of absence. Five years ago, on their last meeting when she had insisted on leaving, he had to respect her wishes, but now she was standing right in front of him. How couldn't he be touched by her sudden appearance as well as the long-expected meeting?

Cherry was a bit taken aback by Stephen's embrace, but after she recovered, she thought that it was a common act when you haven't seen your friend in such a long period of time. She recalled Stephen's help, and to her embarrassment, she hadn't shown him any gratitude.

After a long silence, Stephen released Cherry, and carefully looked at her. Then, with an obvious excitement in his voice, he asked, "You don't plan to leave again, do you?"

Cherry answered him, "No, I will live here from now on, and I won't leave. My brother, mother and uncle have also co

r return. From now on, I won't allow Jackson to bully me again, and I must make a difference in the business world. Trust me!"

Stephen had already made up his mind to let his beloved woman witness that he could struggle to get everything that he wanted. He had the strength to do that.

Cherry nodded and comforted him, and said, "I trust you...You'll always have my support."

Encouraged by Cherry, Stephen seemed to see a glimmer of hope for the future, and he got excited. After he calmed down, he asked, "But, what about you and Jackson? What are you going to do?"

Cherry looked away and avoided Stephen's inquiring glances. After a moment of silence, she answered, "If it's possible, I will stay away from his world, and I also hope that he has the decency to do the same for me. I'm satisfied with my current life and I really enjoy Joe's company."

From Cherry's look in her eyes, Stephen understood that Joe meant the world to her. Her only hope of happiness rested in her boy.

"It's more likely that you and Jackson will meet, since you're living in the same city." Stephen was worried about the current situation, because he vaguely felt that somehow, Cherry still cared about her ex-husband.

"We'll wait and see, but I'll try really hard to avoid him, " Cherry said. It seemed that she was just comforting herself, because she was at a loss in figuring out what to do next.

Stephen was sensitive and intelligent enough to stop asking more questions. He dropped the topic and nodded, and indicated that he knew what she meant.

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