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   Chapter 93 To Face Him Again (Part One)

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When he saw that Cherry was nervous, with a smile on his face, Wilson said, "I've sent my assistant to fetch him, they'll arrive later. Then we can go home together."

Cherry was relieved to hear that.

A week later, Cherry was familiarized with the business at the JS Group. With some help from the older staff, Cherry had successfully closed two orders, a feat that astonished everyone in the sales department. It was a miracle for a new-comer to get two orders completed in half a month.

On hearing the news, Selina assumed that Cherry must be a talent, and she decided to retain her at the JS Group to prevent other companies from poaching her.

In the afternoon, while Cherry was occupied with her work, her mobile phone suddenly rang. Cherry glanced at the screen, and happily answered, "Hi, Wilson!"

"Cherry, are you busy?" carefully asked Wilson.

Cherry said, "What's up? Has something happened?"

"Can you go to the airport after you finish work? I'm picking up Joe now, and afterwards we'll head for the airport. My father and Aunt Elsa will arrive at 7 o'clock, " answered Wilson.

Immediately, Cherry was startled, and thought, 'Right! Mom and Uncle Jacob are due to arrive today! How could I forget?'

"Okay, Wilson, but I still have to stay at work for a while longer. I'll meet you at the airport, " hastily answered Cherry.

"Well, there's no need to rush. Take it easy, you have time, " replied Wilson.

"Right, okay. I'll call you once I'm there."


After she hung up the phone, Cherry hastened to finish her work. When it was time to leave, her other colleagues were already gone, and Cherry quickly cleared her desk, grabbed her handbag, and then lef

be more convenient for all of us, and I could also see little Joe every day."

Wilson didn't know how to reply, and instead he glanced at Cherry, and thought that if she agreed, then he would turn out to be very happy. He had done everything just for her.

Facing such an embarrassing situation, Cherry didn't want to give any opinion on the matter, and instead quickly said, "Mom, Uncle Jacob, let's go and have dinner now! Joe's been hungry for a long time already."

"Absolutely! Grandpa, grandma, I'm starving!" added Joe.

"Okay, let me take my grandson to dinner, " said Jacob, as he scooped Joe up from the ground into his arms. The whole family then left the airport together.

After they had their happy dinner, they all went home together.

Before going to bed, Elsa brought Cherry to the balcony, and wanted to know if her daughter was getting along well after her return from abroad.

Elsa worriedly asked, "Cherr, you can tell mom now everything. How are you these days?" She knew that her daughter was straightforward and stubborn all the time, and was afraid that Cherry would get into some kind of trouble.

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