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   Chapter 92 The First Meeting

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Cherry didn't want to make the atmosphere depressing. She pretended to be cheerful, and said to her son, "Joe, from now on I will work hard, and you are supposed to study hard. Let's cheer up! Okay?"

"Of course, " said Joe. He knew that Cherry wanted to change the topic of their conversation, and continued, "Mommy, you must be careful not to be stolen by those wolves in your company. You should always be on my side!"

"How could it otherwise be? I'll stay with you all of my life, so that you can take good care of me and feed me when you earn a lot of money in the future, " said Cherry, wearing a smile on her face, happy that she had such an intelligent boy.

Joe nodded, and said, "Well, I will definitely make you lead a happy life."

Then, Joe suddenly came up with another sentence before Cherry could reply to him. He said, "But mommy, why have your breasts gotten smaller?"

"What? I don't know..." How could Joe have possibly known that her breasts had gotten smaller before she did? Cherry was curious.

With his hands on Cherry's breasts, Joe said, "Look, they're so small now."

"Joe, stop it!" furiously said Cherry. It seemed that Joe took advantage of her every time he had the chance.

"Mommy, we sleep together every day. This is nothing to that. I just want to check how much smaller they have gotten, " said Joe mischievously. It appeared that his mommy was still pretty shy.

"Joe, don't put your hand inside! You can only touch the clothes!" furiously shouted Cherry. Her naughty boy always did this kind of things.

"Alright, mommy, but it feels good, " cunningly said Joe.

In the morning, Cherry went to work after she ate a quick breakfast.

When she arrived at the JS Group, one of the managers of the business department arranged a seat for her and told her some matters that she should pay attention to. He then asked an older staff member to guide Cherry to her work.

Soon after Cherry sat on her seat, she was called to the chief executive's office room by the receptionist.

Cherry then took the elevator to the administrative sector on the top floor.

Just as she came out of the elevator, Cherry saw four secretaries sitting nearby, busy getting their work done.

One of the secretaries saw Cherry and stared at her. Cherry immediately walked to her, and said with re

her to come and see the office room of his new company.

Wilson gave her an address, and Cherry stopped in front of an office building. After she went upstairs, she found him waiting for her.

When he saw Cherry, Wilson smiled, and said, "You're here! What do you think about it?"

After he said this, he pointed at the workroom behind him.

As she looked around the room, Cherry nodded in satisfaction. "It's nice, big and well decorated."

"That's what I thought, but I was afraid that there could be something wrong with my judgement, so I brought you here to also have a look, " said Wilson.

"Brother, are you going to recruit new staff members now?" asked Cherry. There were a lot of other things that needed to be prepared, and she was worried.

Wilson smiled, and said, "You needn't worry about it, I've already planned it with my friends. We're establishing a conjoined company, so they will send people from their own companies. But yes, I'm also intending to recruit a new staff. All of these details have already been on my mind."

After she heard what Wilson said, Cherry nodded, and said, "That's good, brother! You're always so considerate when it comes to work."

"Of course I am, I've been in the business circles for a lot of time. If I couldn't take these factors into account, then this company would have been closed soon, " said Wilson, with a smile on his face.

Cherry nodded.

All of a sudden, something occurred to Cherry's mind, and she immediately asked, "Did you pick up Joe from school this afternoon?"

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