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   Chapter 91 Do You Still Love My Daddy

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In the morning, the alarm clock rang, and Cherry woke up. She wanted to also wake up her son, but after she opened her sleepy eyes, she noticed that Joe Shen was not in bed beside her.

"Joe? Joe Shen!" called Cherry. She scratched her head, and wondered where Joe could have gone to at such an early hour of the morning. She also wondered how she didn't feel him get out of bed.

After she washed and changed her clothes, she went downstairs, and found her son in the dining room.

He was making breakfast with Wilson beside the dinning table.

When he saw her, Joe cheerfully said, "Mommy! Mommy! Come and have breakfast with us! Wilson had taught me to make breakfast. Try it and tell me if you like it!"

When Cherry saw that her son ran to her and pulled her to the dinning room, her heart was filled with happiness.

Wilson also warmly said, "Come and have your breakfast."

Cherry nodded.

She had some food, and said with satisfaction, "Joe, it looks that you have the makings to be an wonderful cook! Excellent!"

When Joe heard that his mommy praised him, he was very happy, and said, "Of course, just think who I am. I'm the smartest boy in the whole wide world!"

When they saw how proud of himself he actually was, Cherry and Wilson looked at each other, shook their heads, and smiled.

After breakfast, Wilson took Joe to school.

Cherry took her resume and intended to go to the JS Group for the interview. She told herself that because the JS Group was a big company, she had to be her best to get the job. If she was accepted, then her life and her son's would be a whole lot more secure.

As she entered the first floor of the splendid JS Building, people passed by her actively. It was indeed the most powerful company in the city.

Cherry walked up to the front desk and told the receptionists that she was there for an interview. After they found her name on the list of appointments, she was guided to the interview.

For the whole morning, Cherry talked with people from the personnel department. She also talked with the business manager, and he told her that if she received a notification for the second part of the interview in the afternoon, then she could meet the company's chairman tomorrow and start work right away.

When she left the building, she was in good mood, because she had done well in the interview. She had briefly introduced her working experience. Five years ago, she had worked as business department leader in the Shen Group, and in the past five years, she had worked abroad in related business. The whole interview went well, and she believed that she would be hired.

Cherry then drove home and waited for the company's notification.

At four o'clock in the afternoon, she received a message from the personnel department stating that she could start work tomorrow. She was very happy, and kept saying over and over, "Thank you!"

After she hung up, she remembered that her so

ld him in her arms and stared at the ceiling. No one knew what she was thinking about.

"Mommy, what are you thinking?" suddenly asked Joe Shen.

"I was thinking where will we move after my job becomes more steady, so we don't need to bother your uncle and grandfather anymore." Cherry felt that she had a heavy burden to carry, and although her son didn't worry her, life still put pressure on her as a woman.

Joe said, "Mommy, I don't want you to give me riches, I just want to live with you. If we'll have a small bed and can cuddle, that's all that I want."

When she heard him, she got emotional, and held him even more tighter in her arms.

After a while, she finally asked, "Joe, do you hate me?"

"Why should I hate you, mommy?" Joe Shen was confused.

Tears started to run down on Cherry's face. She said, "Because I haven't given you a complete family, and because you haven't got your father's love. Joe Shen, I'm really sorry!"

Joe Shen then reached out his hands, wiped off her tears, and said, "Mommy, don't be sorry. Although I long for a father, I feel that everything is already good enough for me with you. I know that you love me best, and I only hope to be with you. Any place that you live is my home."

Cherry looked at her sensible son and smiled happily. She was proud of him, and she also felt content to be with him.

When Joe Shen noticed that his mommy was silent, he asked, "Mommy, do you still love my daddy?"

When Cherry heard his question, she didn't try to avoid it. Instead, she looked again at the room's ceiling, and said, "What was the point of loving him anyway? Your father doesn't love us; he has another woman with him, and in his heart."

When he heard this, Joe Shen finally understood that his mommy must have left his daddy for a particular reason. She had been unhappy with him, so she had to leave him. How could he possibly blame her for not giving him a family? His mommy had also suffered, a lot.

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