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   Chapter 89 Please Don't Tell Him

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When she saw him, Cherry quickly wiped away her tears, and said, "Hi, John. Long time, no see..."

All of his betrayals and feelings mattered too little for her, and she calmly greeted him without any sort of emotional distress.

John quickly asked, "When did you come back?"

"Yesterday, " replied Cherry.

John knew her well, and nodded gently. The first thing that she did after her return was to visit Emily's grave.

John put the flowers in front of Emily's tombstone, and as he looked at it, he said, "She wasn't lonely; Stephen and I have often come to see her in the past five years."

When she heard him, Cherry quickly asked, "How is Stephen nowadays?"

Cherry was very concerned about Stephen, because he had helped her escape. Except for Emily and Jackson, he was the only one that she ever cared about in the past five years.

John didn't intend to hide anything from her. He looked at Cherry, and said, "He's had both good times, and hard times."

"What do you mean by that?" Cherry didn't understand John too well.

"My uncle eventually found out that Stephen was the one who helped you leave, " said John. He believed that Cherry would then understand him.

Cherry then just stared at him, and wondered what Jackson had done to Stephen.

When John saw Cherry's expression, he guessed that she already understood what he wanted to say to her. He continued, "So my uncle always made things more difficult for him. That, and..."

"And what?" When she heard him, Cherry became a little more anxious. She wondered what had happened during her absence.

John said, "Stephen is no longer in charge of the underground organization of the city now. Bobby, who is under Jackson's command, took it over from him. You should know what that means..."

Cherry got lost in thought for a few moments, and then said, "When did he become so powerful?"

John looked up at the sky, and then started to tell her everything. "Bobby appeared shortly after you left the city, and almost all the city's major forces were on his side then..." John paused for a few moments, and then continued, "To be more accu


Cherry was very happy when she heard her son's words; nothing else could have made her more happier.

Cherry said with a smile, "Well, mommy can't wait to have her meal cooked by chef Joe!"

"Mommy, I've already made up my mind and I'll learn to cook from tomorrow on, " firmly said Joe.

At that time, Wilson also came to the kitchen, and as Cherry looked at him with a smile on her face, she said, "Evening, Wilson."

"Evening, " said Wilson gently.

"You two go and wash your hands. The soup is almost ready and we can have dinner right away, " said Cherry.

Joe cheerfully said, "Yeah! I'm already hungry!"

He then turned to Wilson, and said, "Uncle, let's wash our hands first and then enjoy the food mommy has cooked for us!"

"Okay, let's go, " said Wilson.

After that, they all sat in the dining room, and happily ate their dinner. Wilson spoke highly of the meal, but also teased her. He said, "Well, it tastes very good now, but if you go on and work even harder, it'll taste even better next time."

Before Cherry could say anything, Joe quickly replied, "Uncle, please don't ask my mommy to work hard anymore! Will you please teach me how to cook? I want to cook for my mommy!"

As she looked at Joe, who was so considerate, Cherry didn't say a word.

Wilson said to his naughty nephew, "Okay, I'll teach you tomorrow morning."

"That's a deal, don't forget!" said Joe.

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