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   Chapter 87 Go To The Park Together

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In the morning, with the sunlight filling into the room, Cherry opened her eyes sleepily and found Joe Shen's legs on her waist, his body sprawled on the other side of the bed.

Cherry looked at the clock on the wall. It was 10 o'clock!

Cherry shouted in a hurry, "Joe Shen, wake up, right now!"

Joe Shen, deep in his sleep, heard someone calling his name. He could not see who it was but his guess was on mommy.

With his eyes still shut, Joe Shen spoke with annoyance, "Shhhhh! I need to sleep a little longer. Don't disturb my beautiful dream, please. There's a beautiful girl in my dream."

Cherry looked at her son angrily, "Joe Shen, your computer is missing!"

As soon as Cherry said it, she saw Joe Shen opening his eyes immediately.

"Where is my computer? Who has taken my computer? Help me find it back, please!" Joe Shen sprang out of bed on his feet.

His concern for his computer angered Cherry even more. She asked in a fit of anger, "Joe, is your computer more important to you than your mother?"

It then occurred to Joe that his mommy was lying to him. He snuggled into bed, closed his eyes and tried to negotiate sleeping again. Lying on his comfortable bed, he said sleepily, "Mommy, you are the greatest mommy in the world."

"If you mean that, get up right now." Cherry saw that her son wanted to sleep again and her anger began boiling again.

Joe Shen couldn't tolerate his mother's noise any more. He grudgingly allowed himself to be dragged by Cherry into the washroom to wash his face.

When Cherry, taking Joe's hand, brought him downstairs, she was welcomed by the aroma of a delicious breakfast.

"Wow! Uncle does know how to cook!" Joe Shen shouted happily. Although he had been forced to get up so early in the morning, it was all worth it to enjoy the yummy breakfast. For this, he could forgive his mother for her bossiness.

"Your uncle has always been good at cooking, " said Cherry, walking Joe Shen into the kitchen.

Just then, Wilson walked out of the kitchen. Pleased to see Cherry and Joe, he greeted them lovingly, "Good morning. Now, take a seat and have your breakfast."

The three of them sat at the table and ate their breakfast together.

Joe Shen commented while eating the delicious food, "Mommy, I think uncle's cooking skills have improved tremendously!"

"You're right, " Cherry nodded.

"You should marry him so that I'll have a dad who is good at cooking." Joe Shen was not joking.


After they finished their breakfast, Wilson brought two sets of keys and handed one of them to Cherry.

A bit astonished, she asked, "What's this?"

"I have bought two cars. I will take the red one and the white one is for you, " Wilson said.

Cherry took the keys and said, "Thank you, brother."

"You're welcome. You're my sister and I will do anything for you, " Wilson added. His sister's friendly smile comforted him. He wanted his sister to be happy at all costs.

At the entrance of the city's largest park, Wilson parked his car, took Joe's hand and walked inside. Amidst all of this, he had no idea that the military's residential compound was just a block away from the park.

At the Military's Residential Compound...

Andrew was walking towards the exit of the compound with the supports of his butler. The butler asked anxiously but respectfully, "Where are we going?"

"To take a walk at the park. Staying at home all the time bores me. I should have made Jackson spend more time with me", Andrew answered.

"All right. Take your time out there but watch your steps, " the butler was concerned. Andrew's health was deteriorating. Although he had no serious health problems, the butler still couldn't be too careful about him.

Inside the park, Andrew walked slowly, observing the pedestrians. He sighed, "look at those kids and their family. They are so happy. Why doesn't Jackson spend more time with me?"

Hearing Andrew's complain, the butler tried to comfort him, "Jackson's always busy. You know that. You should understand this must be difficult for him."

Andrew merely nodded and spoke no more.

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