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   Chapter 86 Mom Is The Greatest

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Three days later, Selina received a phone call from Jackson's associate, Bobby Li, telling her that the Shen Group had disappeared from the city.

She stood in front of the French window and stared at the hustle and bustle of the city. She was worried about Harrison. He had led the Shen Group for many years and now had to see it suddenly collapse under Jackson's order. He did not do anything wrong by bidding for the project, after all, the competition was common in the business area. His failure only owed to Jackson whim to crush the Shen Group.

Suddenly, her phone rang. Selina glanced at the phone number before she answered it.

"Hello, Selina speaking."

"Selina, can you believe who I just saw?" Selina's friend Lori Liu was at the other side of the phone. She sounded anxious.

"Tell me, " said Selina without any hint of excitement.

Lori Liu could hardly wait to answer. "I had gone for a spa and saw your friend Jackson's girlfriend, Sally!"

"And?" Selina stared blankly into thin air. There must be something fishy, or Lori Liu would not have called her.

"She was on a date with a man." Lori Liu came straight to the point.

Selina's expressions changed. Her grip on her phone tightened. How could Sally cheat on Jackson? Jackson had treated her so well in the last five years. Why would she do that?

"Are you sure they were on a date?" Selina had to make sure that the information was reliable.

"Yes, " said Lori Liu firmly. "Sally was sitting there, chatting with the man for almost three hours at a corner table. I couldn't get close enough to find out what they were talking about."

Selina hung up, her eyes burning with rage. She thought to herself, 'That is so unfair! Jackson had done so much for Sally in all these years, even though they were not married. How dare she cheat on Jackson? If I find it out to be true, I will show her no mercy.'

Without wasting any time, she made a call.

"Miss Selina."

"Investigate Sally secretly. I don't want anyone to know about this. Do it as discreetly as you can, or else...! will..." Selina's warning was clear and severe. Her voice sounded angry and serious. She meant the threat.


At the airport

A woman in a gorgeous sapphire dress stood, attracting a lot of attention. Many men could not take their eyes away from her.

"Mommy, this is a bad city. I don't like it." Joe Shen pouted as he exited the airport. He saw modern buildings and busy roads interlocked in front of him, and yet, he missed the west where he had been living for five years.

Cherry paid little attention to Joe Shen. Instead, she spoke to the man beside her, "Wilson, where shall we go first?"

Wilson was wearing a well-tailored, smart suit that fit appr

were happy, there was nothing to worry about.

"Mommy, we've just arrived. Can't you just let me do whatever I want and put off your schooling for a little while?" Joe Shen pouted again. But as he spoke, he got off the bed obediently.

"Joe, be good, or..." Cherry started.

"Or what?" asked Joe Shen innocently.

"Your uncle will arrange another room for you and you'll have to sleep by yourself", said Cherry.

Joe Shen put on a hurt face and looked at Wilson, asking, "Uncle, are you on my side, or hers?"

This brought Wilson into a dilemma! He looked between Cherry and then his naughty nephew, not knowing what to do.

"Wilson, if you back Joe up, don't ever ask me for help in your business, " said Cherry.

"I..." Wilson wanted to say something but was cut short by Joe Shen.

"Uncle!" Joe Shen shouted, "If you help her, don't rely on me to fix your computer anymore!"

Wilson felt torn between the mother and the son.

Joe Shen could not watch his uncle struggling anymore and finally decided to agree on a compromise.

He dropped his head with resignation for a while and then lifted it before he walked up to Cherry and made a begging gesture. "Boss Cherry, you win! I was wrong. Please forgive me and give me a chance to fix my mistake."

Cherry put her hands on her hips like a queen and scolded, "Have you learned the lesson?"

"Yes." Joe Shen nodded.

"This is serious!" Cherry was not pleased with his flippant expression.

He immediately stood upright and made a serious face at Cherry to show his sincerity.

Finally, Cherry was pleased and said, "That'll do."

She smiled.

Wilson smiled too.

Joe Shen happily grabbed Cherry's hand and said, "Mommy is the greatest. I love you so much!"

"Joe, give me a kiss." Cherry cuddled her son affectionately.

"Love you, mommy!"

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