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   Chapter 85 Annihilate The Shen Group

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The Shen Group? Stephen?

Jackson looked disturbed. He thought dejectedly to himself, 'All of this is related to that damn woman!'

Derek looked at Jackson and asked, "Jackson, do we need to take an action against Stephen?"

Derek knew very well that Jackson's hostility towards Stephen was not only because of the clans' conflicts but also because of the connection with Cherry.

"Annihilate the Shen Group. I want to hear that the Shen Group has disappeared from the city, within three days, " ordered Jackson growling.

Derek could not believe what he was hearing.

Selina looked a little surprised, but Jackson's tone had been too firm to leave any doubt.

"But I think the Shen Group matters very little to us. Instead, Stephen should be the first priority for us to deal with. In the last five years, Stephen's strength has hardly diminished, no matter how hard we have tried to weaken him. If he also decides to compete for the Future Project, he will be a tough competitor" said Derek, evidently worried.

Jackson stared firmly ahead as if everything was under control. "Stephen is not powerful enough to be our opponent. We are sure to win the project, " said Jackson.

Derek and Selina shared a glance with each other without saying anything. They believed Jackson's words.

"Okay. I'll deal with the Shen Group", Selina spoke, convinced, "What about Stephen?"

Selina looked at Jackson, waiting for his response.

Jackson put on an evil smile and said casually, "Spare him some leisure days and then give him the finishing stroke."

As soon as Jackson finished his words, Selina understood his intentions.

Only Derek looked between Jackson and Selina, confused. He had no idea what they were talking about.

Selina smiled lovingly, "Jackson, I really admire you."

Jackson stared out of the window and kept silent. He would never forgive those who had anything to do with that damn woman. He had never stopped hating her in these five years. And this hatred

ral waitresses gossiped, staring at them from a distance.

"Hey, look at Jackson Chu and Sally He. Are they a couple? They have always dined at our restaurant together for several years now."

"No. I heard that Jackson had married a woman who was once his nephew's ex-girlfriend. That was not Sally."

"It is said that his wife ran away five years ago. Jackson searched the entire city but could not find her."

"Really? Why did she run away? Was it because she couldn't stand the indifference of the rich family?"

"I don't know. Anyway, nobody is allowed to mention it, or the Chu family will see to it that they suffer till eternity."

"It's really scary. Jackson is such a handsome and rich man. I wonder what secrets he hides in his heart?"

"Who knows? People like us, from simple, lower class, cannot understand the lives of the rich and powerful families."

"I've always fantasized about being Jackson's woman. I am okay to stay in the cold mansion by myself, if it means that I could be with him."

"Yes. Being Jackson's woman would mean that you own half of the city. Money and power will be at your disposal."

"You two are such nymphos! Don't you know how hard it is to deal with that Sally He? She managed to chase away Jackson's wife. How could you win over her?"

"Ah? Is Sally He so horrible?"

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