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   Chapter 82 Do You Love Me

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Derek pulled Jackson out of the apartment and placed him inside the car. As he drove to the residential compound, he called the Chu house butler and asked him to call in for a doctor.

Andrew's heart broke when he saw Derek help his grandson get out of the car. He also saw that his hand was bleeding, and he couldn't bear to see him like that, because Jackson had never been hurt in the past; he was in that condition because of Cherry.

Jackson sat on the sofa, and the doctor started to bind up his wound while Derek and Andrew were standing beside him and watching.

Jackson didn't care about the pain. His eyes were glassy, and his mind was filled with a deep hatred for Cherry. He thought to himself, 'How could she just leave me like this? How could she dare abandon me and leave me alone?'

After the doctor finished bandaging his wound, he reported to Andrew and then left after receiving his permission.

Andrew looked at Jackson, and sat beside him, and wanted to comfort him, he instead was silent.

After some time, Andrew slowly said, "Jackson, please don't be sad; I'll help you to find her back."

Andrew didn't expect Jackson's answer. But to his surprise, Jackson suddenly talked.

He replied in a cold tone, saying, "No. No matter."

Andrew, Derek, and the butler were all a little astonished when they heard his reply. They wondered what Jackson meant with it.

Jackson didn't look at his grandfather, and instead stared straight ahead, and slowly said, "If she wanted to run away, let her stay away."

Derek then clearly saw tears falling from Jackson's eyes.

He was astonished, because this was the second time that he saw Jackson crying. The first time that he had seen him cry was when Jackson had been very young. Back then, Jackson's parents had died, and Jackson had kneeled down in front of their portrait and cried. When Sally had left him years ago, he had just panicked, but hadn't cried, but this time, he did for Cherry.

Andrew also saw Jackson's tears and he was very sad. He had always been very fond of Jackson, and he had never wanted to see him hurt, but Jackson had now been hurt by a woman. He thought to himself, 'Many years ago, Jackson has begged me to help He

Jackson, why are you so late? I missed you so much!"

Jackson didn't push her away, and instead he fondly touched her head, and said, "Have you waited long? Let's go and have dinner."

Sally nodded happily, took his arm, snuggled up to him, and said, "Okay."

Jackson then took her to a fancy restaurant and ate some delicious food with her.

Sally felt very happy, and she picked food for him while she was also having dinner herself. They both looked like a happy couple.

After dinner, Jackson drove Sally back to the villa.

After he saw her enter the villa, he was ready to go, but Sally suddenly pulled his clothes, leaned close to him, and gently asked, "Jackson, could you come in and stay with me? I'm afraid to be alone."

When he saw how cute and innocent Sally was, Jackson nodded, and said, "Okay."

Sally was flattered, because she hadn't expected him to accept her proposal straightaway. However, she was still very happy, and since Jackson agreed, she thought that she wanted even more out of him.

Jackson entered the villa with his arm around her waist.

After they walked into the living room, Jackson sat on the sofa and Sally brought him a glass of water.

Jackson took it, drank it, and then put the glass on the tea table in front of him.

Sally then suddenly straddled her legs on him and threw her arms around his neck.

She slowly got closer to Jackson, and felt his warm breath on her face.

"Jackson, do you love me?" she asked.

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